How to focus on studying for exams: Toppers Believed

Distractions are common in every student’s life. The modern era of technology is just adding fuel to fire! An important test is coming up and your brain suddenly starts playing games with you! The way a certain song plays in your mind while you’re diving into it for answers, the way some film dialogues play on repeat when you ask questions to the brain – this happens to almost every student in an exam hall! Studying for long hours is hard! And if you’re distracted, it makes studying ten times harder. But to stay focused on studies you need to note some points

1. Avoiding distractions : Find a suitable studying environment

It’s hard to study in a noisy place. Your classroom or house may not be a quiet place to study! Only a calm and peaceful study desk can increase the blood flow to your brain and freshen it. One would find it easy to learn when the study place is closer to nature!  Don’t we all love to read under a tree of our public park? Another good location is library of your school or public library of your locality! Find a calm and peaceful place to begin with and you’ll find everything falling into it place!

2. Your desk must be set

Once you sit before your study desk, you should not scramble for papers, pen and other stationery. Trust me, it’s a huge distraction! Set everything prior to your study time and avoid the distraction missing stationery causes.  And by this way you would stay focused in your studies.

3. Combine study helps to stay focused

Okay, some people may love to work alone but there are some who loves studying with their friends. Find a good study partner. Make sure that it’s not your best friend because there are high chances of not studying and chitchatting in the name of “combine study”. Working with someone helps you to develop your ideas and view things from a different prospective. Choose someone who is smarter and faster that in you in studies. If you find that you’re better than your partner, make sure that you slow up your pace for your friend.

4. Keep snacks and drinks

It’s usual to feel tired during your studies. Always keep some snacks and drinks near you since it helps you to get fresh and release carbohydrates! But beware! Never get distracted by the food before you and stay focused with what you are doing.

5. Take short breaks

Studying continuously for a long time is extremely tiring and it ruins your pace. You will yourself slowing down and the whole portion lagging. The best solution is taking short breaks. Go for a small walk around the room or other room. Or listen to some soothing music for relaxation. The break helps your brain to get recharged as it needs to process large amount of information.

But make sure that your breaks are short. Set alarms for your breaks and follow them!

6. Motivate yourself

You can be your greatest booster. Motivate yourself and drive your mind towards it. Set a goal and the desire to achieve it must be greater than every single distraction of yours. A way to do this is self talk. Talk to yourself and challenge your mind to reach the goal. Another way is visualizing yourself achieving those goals. Dream of taking the trophy for good grades in front of the whole school. imagine the happiness you would have when you win it. Everything motivates you to reach that goal and keeps you away from distractions.

7. Make a timetable

The most effective way to tally our studies! Make a timetable and stick it somewhere your eyes would reach (study desk, bedroom door, walls). Follow up that timetable strictly and by the end of a week review yourself.  Another thing to note while making a timetable is that you should not be engaged in a single subject for more than one and half hour. Try changing subjects after a while and this would help in moving portions fast!

8. Make notes and highlight important points

This is a great tip! While studying, prepare notes in parallel or highlight important lines in your favourite colour. Write those notes in the simplest language ever and make it look presentable. This helps during your revision. The notes you have prepared encourages you and makes you read it. And trust me, the pride you would feel afterwards will be pleasing!

9. Sleep well, eat well, stay focused

You can never work unless you have had a good sleep. The benefits of sleep are numerous. It regulates your blood flow and hormones and give you the energy you need to work! Most people require 6-8 hours of sleep and if you don’t get that, the tiredness you feel slacks your from studying.

Another thing to keep in mind is a healthy diet. Don’t over eat or take huge amount of heavy junk food. It’s hard to concentrate on studies after having a plateful of biryani! Aim at vegetables and fruits! A healthy diet would keep you energized and put your mind to the books.


Distractions are something hard to ignore. But you ought to get rid of it if you need good results. Set up your desk in a good environment, prepare a timetable, get snacks and drinks and set off to work! The main thing – motivate yourself. You should have that drive inside you. Let the passion show its heights! Imagine yourself at the heights and work hard and hard and hard!


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