How to earn respect: Tricks to make people respect you more

We all love to be respected. Be it at work, home, school or anywhere, we love to be that one person everyone look onto and never talks trash! But one thing people often forget is that respect cannot be given. It’s earned! Regardless of gender, race, age, anyone can earn respect of another! For that one should always keep the infamous line in their mind.

Give respect. Take respect.

And that’s the first tip to earn respect of others.

1. Give respect, earn respect

Only a person who respects others will be respected. If you’re working on a team, respect your teammates. First thing to do is learning their names and details about them. Talk to them (by talking I mean listen to them and ask questions about them. This makes them feel that we’re indeed interested in conversing with them) and learn about them. Respect their works and make sure that you compliment them. Working in a team, never sideline any team mate. Ask for their opinions and make them feel home! Sympathize with them when their works doesn’t go right as they all expected and be a good team mate. And you’re in! Even if you all doesn’t work together in future, they will respect you forever!

2. Always have your opinion and stick on to them

A respected person will always be known for speaking out his or her opinions before everyone. You ought to have opinions and views on certain topics (like social crimes, scandals, politics) and you should never be scared to speak it out. People would admire your courage and confidence even though they may be against you in ideologies. A respected person in society is that person whom everyone looks on for opinions. And for that you should first believe in your own opinions.

For example, changing like a chameleon when you meet someone new and changing your views for them to have a good opinion on you would tarnish your image before the ones who had decided to respect you for your courage and views! It would not earn respect for you.

3. Be a good role model

You should be that one person whom everyone wants to be. For that be that person whom you wish to be! Present yourself neatly. Groom in yourself with neat and clean clothes, maintain your personal hygiene and wear a charming yet polite smile on your face. Anyone who look at you should be like, “Yeah, that’s the guy I want to be!”

Having good looks doesn’t alone make you good role model. Be a model for others in some social manners. Like, for example, you’re travelling on bus and find a pregnant woman standing. Standing up and letting her sit on your seat is something you ought to do. Set an example for others by doing such activites and eventually you would find them respecting you!

4. Stand up for others and thus earn respect

Just as you stand up for yourself, stand up for others too. The point comes from where you cannot stand injustice happening! Wouldn’t you react when someone mistreats you or accuses you for something you never did? Yes! Then don’t you think that you should do the same for others who face the same dilemma. Standing up for others makes you feel better about yourself and also increases the respect the other person has in for you!

5. Take responsibility of your actions

Not everything you do is gonna work out well. Sometimes your report might be sloppy or your opinions may be offensive. Always take responsibility of your actions instead of blaming it on others. People might have a slight irritation towards you for your wrong doing but the respect they would have for you taking responsibility of what you did is greater than that irritation (that wouldn’t last long)

6. Control your emotions

No one would love or respect a “soon to erupt” volcano or a touch me not plant. Always control your emotions and prevent yourself from bursting out your veins before others. There might come times of despair and distress but handle the situation calmly. Take a deep breath and keep your emotions on check.

7. Don’t be a gossip queen

People might like you and encourage you for gossiping. But if they talk bad about a person before you, mind it, they would definitely talk behind your back! Also, the act of gossiping is fun but it tarnishes your image like nothing ever can do! No one would respect a person who gossips around. I agree, you may or may not like a person. But liking and respecting is different. Your dislike to someone is not a licence for you to badmouth them before a group. Although you do not like a person, you ought to respect him or her for every good thing that they have done!


As said earlier, respect is not given but earned. The main thing to remember is that only a person who respects others is respect. Give and take policy is what prevails in the area of respect and reputation! Be polite and humble towards others, have an opinion and make sure you stand up for yourself and others. Once again, the most important point, GIVE RESPECT. TAKE RESPECT. EARN RESPECT! And you’re in!


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