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Suppose a situation arises, Where you have to Eat an Alive Frog Daily, And you have to eat it without any Excuse.

Then what time of a day would you like to Eat that Frog?

Braine Tracy, who is a consultant of many successful companies,
and CEO Says the best time of eating the frog will be early in the morning.

Immediate after you wake up, because Eating a Frog, will be the most difficult thing for you Nothing can be as worst as this.

It will be better if you do that difficult task early in the morning, so that you can spend the entire day stress and tension free.

Here Frog Example is being related to your important work, which needs to be completed as soon as possible.

Ways to do your work on time and effectively

Do the difficult work at early morning : Will power is maximum

Most of the time we just avoid doing difficult and important work, by saying we will do it in the second half or at night or tomorrow.

We procrastinate it.

Just like,looking at that frog and thinking of eating eat later or after sometime, which do nothing just increases your stress level and tension.

The reason behind completing the difficult task in the morning is :

In early morning our will power is maximum, Because of which we can complete that difficult work easily.

Positive addiction of doing work : Increase self esteem and self confidence

You must have noticed,when we finish doing some work Specially the important and the difficult task, we feel relax and good.

This happens because,our brain Releases an Endorphin substance, which makes us feel good and relax by a giving natural high.

Now to get success, We should take this process of completing task and feeling relaxed as a Positive Addiction, And should make it our habit.

Completing important work daily,by managing the time properly, Will make us feel good, But also increases Our Confidence and Self-Esteem.

How to achieve?

To make all these things possible,we have shown many practical ways, From which i will share some of the Principles with you all.

Through which you can make a proper use of your Time, And can achieve your goals and success.

Principles on how to use your time properly for better results

Setting The Table | Clear about goals

One of the important Reason because of which we do not utilize our Time properly, And do procrastination, is confusion and lack of clarity.


When i get confused , On which topic,i Should make my next article.

Till that time, i get more distracted by other work,and waste more time.

As i decide what will be my next article on which topic, Then i utilize my time properly.

Similarly, even if you want to use your time properly,and want to become successful, You Need to be very clear,about your Goals and Targets.

To do this Accurately you need to follow 7 steps procedure Which are:

Decide Exactly what do you want

You should decide what exactly you want, Related to your Financial life, About your health, Related to your relationship and social life.

Be clear about other important aspects of your life,About your goals in it.

Think on Paper : Increase your chance of success

Only 3% people Write their Goals on Paper.

This habit of 3% People,increase the chances of completing their goals, more than 5 to 10 percent.

Our brain is not very good at storing Data, But it is very good on creating new ideas and information.

Try to make a habit of writing all your important and creatives ideas on paper.

If that’s not possible for you all the time, Then do it on your cellphone.

Make Deadlines to complete task on time

After writing all your goals and ideas on paper, give deadline to it.

For completing any task or work , It is important is it to give deadline to it, other wise we will keep delaying our work.

Make a List : To achieve your goal

Make a list of all work which needs to be done for achieving your goals.

How that list will be?i will give you more detail on the next principle.

Organize the List And Make Plans

After writing all the work which comes in your mind, And then organize the all written work properly.

Make a simple plan that how will you finish that work, About this also, i will give more detail on the next principle.

Take Action On Your Plan

After Making the Plan, Take an Immediate action, At the end action will give you a result, Not Planning.

Resolve yourself to do everything that moves you towards the goal

Read books,learn from mentors, Learn new skill which will help you to complete your targets/goals.

At least do any work in a day which will bring you one step closer to your goal.

These were the seven 7 step procedure which is very helpful for your Goal setting and for its achievement.

Plan Every day in Advance

Time Management has a 6 P Formula, which says, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Before starting any work,just a few minutes planning can save your lot of time.

This can make your work easy and helps you to complete faster,without creating a huge problem.

Having no plan can create a huge mess, Which will force us to Procrastinate.

Now lets come on Action Part, How we should plan things and to take Action.

For this,you have to make Few list, As we did in the Earlier Principle, For now we will make only 4 list.

Master list : Goals of life

In a Master list,you have to write Entire goals and Targets which you want to do in you life.

Like to start your own Company, or to do world tour, to make a perfect body, or to do something huge for others help etc.

Monthly List : Work to be done to complete master list

In this you have to write all the work which needs to be done in a Month.

it should includes at least one work , which can help you to complete one of the important task from the Master List.

 Weekly List : Work to be done to complete monthly list

In this you have to write all the work which you need to complete in a week, All those work,which can slowly help you to complete your monthly goals.

Day List : Work to be done to complete weekly list

In this you will write all the work which you need to finish today, which will help you to complete at least a part of your weekly list.

You should include some of your household work in this list, such as paying bills,shopping,meeting friends etc.

Do remember, Always prepare your list in Advance meaning what all work you need to finish tomorrow, that will be your daily list for tomorrow, make a list of it today at night before going to sleep.

Similarly,prepare your weekly monthly and yearly list in advance.

If any changes require you can you can add them later, but always try to make your list in advance.

ABCDE Technique : To set priority

ABCDE is a very simple and effective priority Technique, which ensures we utilize our time effectively.

The next step will be to mark every work with one of the Alphabet, like A B C D OR E mark a work with one of these alphabets.

Mark all the important work under the Alphabet A, all those work which wont get completed,then you have to face some serious consequences.

Under Alphabet B All those work will be marked which are less important compare to Alphabet A Work,if it doesn’t get completed,it will create some problem.

Mark all the work under Alphabet C,which is good for us, but it will not give any problem,if not completed.

Under Alphabet D those work will come,which can be done by others There is no need of doing it by you.

Under E the work which is not necessary to be completed and it will not create any problem, and can be eliminated.

After marking the work as per the Alphabet ABCDE, Then your first and most important priority for you will be to complete the work which is marked under the Alphabet A.

This task will be like a frog, which needs to be eaten early in the morning,without any excuse.

Now, if there will be two Task which needs to be completed and is very important and if it is not completed can create a huge problem.

Then mark that two work as an A1 and A2 And so on..

In which A1 will be the most important work which needs to be completed before A2.

Most of the people ask me,How i am able to complete all my work within a week.

Answer for this is:
Uploading an article in a week is my A1 priority, And this is the reason which boost me and make it possible for me.

I have applied this book principle personally and i have got the positive results.

This principles helps you to understand importance of time management,and helps avoiding procrastination by showing many practical ways.


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