Important things to learn in life: Unawared list

Life lessons are something we suck every day. From a small bud of a plant to the experiences that life gives, we learn something new every day. Be it our mother scolding us for being messy or our teacher making us stand outside the class for not completing home works, every human we meet teach us something. But there are some things that we learn by ourselves not by seeking others. These life lessons are the most valuable one, for one’s walk towards future depends on these lessons that they have learnt. It’s your knowledge and perceptions on these life lessons that is going to decide whether your life will be a cake walk or a cat walk!

Learn that you can never please everyone

Why do you dress up neatly at a family function? For others to say good about you. For instance, you’re wearing a beautiful lehenga at your cousin’s weddings. Some of the guests would be awed by your attire and praise it while some might point out that the dress does not suit you. When some pats you for your choice some might rebuke you for wearing a sleeveless blouse.

“I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone” – Bill Cosby.

You can never please everyone. Whatever you do there will always be people who will be waiting to comment negatively about it and rebukes you. So instead of trying to please others, I would ask my friend with lehenga to wear what she loves for her cousin’s wedding. It’s human nature to want to be liked and be respected but not at the cost of your beliefs and happiness. So give up the thoughts of pleasing people and hold up your attitude high in the air.

Don’t trust easily

First impression is the best impression. True! But no legend has ever said that the first impression is the true impression!

Trust is a small word but it means a lot. It’s human nature to lay down trust on someone. It may be your girlfriend, best friend, parents, uncle. It could be any one! But laying down your trust is very dangerous. No one on this earth can be trusted easily. Even intelligent people may go wrong in this category.

Sometimes our judgements may be terribly wrong. We all may have that one person who was once your best friend and now just an acquaintance. The friendship may have broken it’s chords due to lack of honesty or integrity or some other reasons but you may have never ever thought that the friendship would not last long, when you first met that person.

Money is never the ultimatum

Study well, earn well. That’s the motto we give to students who sit in the classroom. The primary lesson one should learn is that money is not the ultimatum in our life.

Money can literally buy anything.  A good villa, comforts that you need…everything. But money can never bring you happiness. Haven’t you heard people saying Happiness is not for sale. Money cannot cure your loneliness or depression. Money cannot make you instantly happy. It cannot mend your broken relationships. One of the first life lesson you ought to learn is that you should not set money as your ultimatum If you do, you will find yourself being isolated and ripped off from relationships you once had.

You cannot always get what you want

Realise that not everything you want happens. We all might have had that experience. The excitement you had for a trip with friends and you suddenly fell ill the day before the trip. You may have cursed every god in the world but it happens! Not everything we wants happens! We all have different dreams that sometimes flops. Instead of feeling disheartened, stay straight and find another ways to achieve them!

Slow down at judgement

It is human nature to judge a person at first sight. May be that is why everyone strives to make a good first impression. You walk into an interview and the interviewers have already developed a resume on your character even before interviewing you. You meet a new person and you instantly develop a judgement on his or her way of clothing or way of standing.

But our judgements may be terribly wrong. Introverts often make bad impressions at the beginning. But once you get to know them, you would realize their goodness. The people you once thought bad might be the best friends of your future.

Always slow down at judging people. It’s just like don’t judge a book by its cover. You need to explore the pages to unveil the underlying meanings of the words.


Life lessons are essential to lead a happy life we all wish for. But for that one needs much more than money and comforts. It’s happiness! To lead a happy life, one should learn some primary things that no one, but you, can teach! Realize that not every dream gets fulfilled, not every judgement is true! Not everything can be bought by money and not everyone can be pleased. And there you have it!



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