How to Talk to Someone | Communicate With People Effectively

I can still remember a classmate in my college who was very popular. I feel very jealous of him. He was not a topper of a class. He was not very good looking nor a good sports person. But everyone likes him, including teachers.

The reason behind it was that he knew how to communicate with people. He talks from everyone so well that they like him very much. He was aware every time that what to talk and how long to speak without any hesitation.

At that point, I thought oh it’s not a big deal. I don’t need to impress anyone. I come college to improve myself not to make friends. But the reality was that I feel awkward to talk anyone else except my buddies. I just give excuses by making a bunch of reasons, which was not right.

It is one of the most valuable skills which anyone should have. Don’t you think it one of the biggest part of our life?

But sadly our education system is helping us to develop it. In fact, we also forget it. We are so busy in the Internet and social media that we stopped spending quality time with friends.

The reality is that for a personal and professional life our words impact a lot. Words have tremendous power, and we can achieve anything. We can crack big contracts, persuade people. We can win hearts and attract anyone.

I am going to share you few techniques which will help you to talk.

Communication Techniques to talk effectively

1.A flooding smile

smile can make your conversation effecient

William was a stalk broker. Since 18 years he was married. But he hardly talked and laughed with his wife. He was not happy with his life. His relationship was not healthy for anyone in his office. He never talks with anyone without any reason nor anyone tries to talk with him. He was getting upset with his life. To make his life better, he took membership in Dean Carnot’s club.

Club give him a simple task to make things better. Task was to smile at least one time while looking at someone. He considered it seriously and started applying in his life.

Next day, he woke up on a routine like daily. But before taking breakfast, he passed a smile to his wife and said good morning. His wife was shocked that what makes him so good. William told her wife that don’t be panic, this is going to happen regularly. Her wife was feeling peculiar and good also.

While going to his office, he starts giving a smile to everyone who comes in his path. Paperman, Driver, Liftman, Colleges, Boss, etc. He noticed one thing that to whom he passed a smile; he got the same from it. That makes William feels better.

Soon his colleagues start to engage in talks with him. People were happy whenever they see him. They told him that they consider him a selfish and stubborn. But they were wrong.

Such a small lesson changed his life. He was much happier than he can imagine.


Always have a smile on your face, whether you talk or not. It will increase your attractiveness and confidence. On the other side, it will decrease your blood pressure and stress to make your health better. It also feels safer and good to the person to whom you are talking.


A flooding smile doesn’t mean to smile instantly. Smile after giving a break; First look properly in eyes. Then smile slowly, it makes your smile more beautiful and efficient.

2 The sticky eyes

eyecontact is necessary while interaction

The social experts believe that people look here and there while talking. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Never do multitasking while communicating. It gives the signal to a person that you are not interested.

Of course, nobody is going to like this. If you want to make a good relationship with that person, then look straight in people’s eyes.

Remember all this is helpful till only that person is interested in you and your reaction. Otherwise, it can make feel creepy or awkward. So use this technique in very aware manner.

3 Match the Mood

understand the mood of others under conversation

Has this ever happened to you that you are sad and a person with super energy is coming to you?

If not then Then I would like to share you: It’s very annoying if such incident happens.

Try to match your mood with that person. If that one is sad, then don’t show your excitement. Usually, you may like excitement, but that time another person will get irritated with you.

Now you need to move on step 2
If you are excited, and your friend is sad then try to hide your mood at that time. Try to increase your excitement level slowly. It will not only make your friend good but also make your relationship stronger.

4 Never give a naked introduction

full introduction is necessary

When two people meet for the first time, then their communication is like that

Will :  Hello
Alex :  Hi
Will :
  What do you do?
Alex :  I am a software engineer, and you?
WiIl :  I am a bank manager
Alex:  Oh good.

Awkward silence

Alex :
So where do you live?
Will: In Mumbai, and you?
Alex: Delhi
Will: Wow.

Awkward Silence

Never do this again, before meeting someone. Such type of conversation is called naked talks. Nobody likes that awkward silence. To avoid that silence people will start ignoring you next time.


Don’t answer a question in a word. Give a reply in 2-3 lines. If someone asks you what do you do? Then also integrate some additional details with your answer. Say something special about your place. Try to add any beautiful memory of your place in other’s mind.

It will also help a person to memorise easily about you. This technique will never make you and a stranger in that awkward situation again.


always listen to others

It is my favourite technique. This technique is derived from the parrot. You have faced many situations when you don’t want to talk with an annoying person, or you don’t have a response to give.

One day I was coming back to my college, and I found my cousin at my home. She speaks a lot. I never like her. She vomits her crap upon me. I just want to run from her, but at the same time, I don’t want to disappoint her.

She was sharing her exciting moment when she was at a concert of one renowned singer. And I was just parroting what she was saying with giving some positive emotions.

At last, she was feeling jubilant while talking with me. As I was speaking, what she wants to hear. The funniest thing is that I did nothing except repeating what she was saying.

There are thousands of techniques which will make your communication better, but the thing is that how good you are in those tricks.


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