Overthinking Disorder | How To Not Overthink

How to not overthink. Everyone has over thought about something at some point. it tends to happen very often when we’re living in a stress-filled, busy- busy world.

There are tonnes of stresses and there are so many things that are going on in our brain at any given time that it can cause us to have almost this chaos that’s going on up there.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to detach from that chaos and stress how to detach whatever it is that you’re focused on at the moment and bring more piece into your mind.

How to detach from overthinking?

Figure out what you are trying to balance in mind

Try to find out what you are actually thinking

Today we’re going to be talking about how to detach from that chaos how to detach whatever it is that you’re focused on at the moment and bring more piece into your mind.

The first point that we’re going to be talking about is that if there is one particular thing that you’re focused on that’s a thing.

A situation, a memory, a person whatever it is that continues to come up in your mind coming up there for a reason. There is something that is in balance in your brain and your feeling like something needs to be resolved.

Once that’s resolved the brain kind of puts it away and it doesn’t need to bring it up for you anymore. so you need to figure out exactly what it is that you are trying to balance. Be decisive and get rid of a problem quickly. How?

Think about whatever it is that you’re overthinking is there an emotion that comes up is there a feeling of anger for that particular person or situation

Do you feel like you miss that person? so it’s ABC. it’s an ex and ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. Do you miss that person do you feel like they can only bring something into your life that you cannot fulfil yourself.

Do you feel regret for maybe a memory that’s coming up?The only way for you to find clarity is for you to be honest with yourself.

Talk it out with a friend or through journaling. That way you get to the issue you actually see what it is that you feel like you’re missing or what you feel like you need to release

Once you figure that out and resolve that the thought seems to just go away seems to dissolve and it doesn’t continue to pop up.

Write down everything that pops in your mind

write everything that results in overthinking

The next thing that we’re going to be talking about is how to balance a very chaotic mind so in our very busy lifestyles. The mind can be very chaotic and disorderly.

We can have a million things on our to-do list a million things that were aiming to do every day and sometimes what is very disorderly like that the brain just continues to give you all of the things on your to-do list.

It’s it needs some sort of organisation. So I find what really helps is getting out a piece of paper and write down everything on your mind.

Line x line. One thing at a time. If this happens in the middle of the night is very useful even if you feel like it’s one or two things often.

When you take out that piece of paper and pen and you start writing down every single thing that’s on your mind. All the things that you want to remember you’ll be shocked at how many things are actually there on that paper.

Once it’s down once it’s down there on paper you’ll find that your brain doesn’t need to continue to bring it up anymore because it’s written down it knows that you’re going to do that and it can finally relax.

Balance your recurring thoughts by doing something new

Try to do something creative rather than thinking

The next thing that we’re going to be talking about is what to do with that overthinking bring. If you’re finding that you have excess mental energy which means recurring thoughts.

You need to find some sort of fulfilment or outlet for that excess energy. You’ll notice that when you put yourself in new situations you do something fun.

Maybe you go out with friends or you do something that you’ve never done before. Those recurring thoughts tend to go away your focus is on something else.

If you give it a brand-new experience, those recurring thoughts will go away so try getting out and doing something new.

Getting out of your house, shaking up your routine, adding some newness into your life and that will often help to balance those recurring thoughts.

Keep your body focused

exercise brings up the stagnant energy

The next point that we’re going to talk about is exercise. So the body the mind and the spirit are intimately connected.If you’re finding that your mind is going a little bit haywire and it’s it’s thinking about too many things.

Your life is a map of plenty of problem like relationship, study, money, job, family etc.

If you want free from this problem like all thinking, negative thinking and worries all about the problem. keep reading this article.

Life progress is in one direction but it’s also in a two-part past present and future. We can see back what happened in the past but can’t watch what happens in the future free content or past situation.

We can change your future with the right decision we learn from our past situation problem and make new learning for a bright future.

Which type of future you want? a better future or red feature embed feature. just do two things first just think about the future not to do anything for that.

Thinking about one thing too many times you’ve got a lot of energy there. so when you move your body when you work out.

Whether you want to do you know whatever that is you’re going to the gym or doing yoga stretches, going outside for a walk or hike whatever it is get your body moving get that blood going through your body.

It really helps to shake up that stagnant energy.It helps the ground you bring you into the present moment. When you’re not in the present moment your mind is somewhere else you’re not here.

When you exercise your back here in your body focused on what’s going on in the moment. so exercise is super important.

Slow your breathing to slow your thought process

Slow your breath to slow your thought process

The next point that I’m going to talk about is breathing breathwork is something that you can use for that.There’s so many different uses for your breath depending on what outcome you’re looking for.

If you’re looking at it to come the mind take a couple deep breaths very slowly and notice that the slower you breathe the slower your thoughts get.

If your breath is slow and deep you cannot think quickly it’s a little bit of a hack.

Next time you find your thoughts are racing. The fastest way to calm them is to relax the breath so slow breathing. Focus breathing will calm you down right away within seconds.

Meditation : Improve your focus

Meditation helps in focusing

The point that we’re going to be discussing today is meditation.There are many different ways to meditate but when you’re meditating no matter what that is you’re learning to focus your focusing on what you want.

Meditation practice whether that’s even starting with five or ten minutes a day can really improve your ability to focus on that what you want.

If you’re overthinking and you don’t want to be overthinking anymore that’s because your brain is focusing on that which you no longer want to be focusing on.

The best way to correct that is through a practice like meditation focus is like a muscle in the beginning.

It’s difficult to meditate for sure. Everybody had difficulty the first time they did it myself included but that’s it we’re practice comes in.

If you continue to practice that you build up that muscle and you learn to focus only on that what you want daily practices the best and over time if you can increase from five minutes a day to 10 minutes a day to even 20 minute today.

The benefits are innumerable.There are so many studies showing the benefits of meditation but specifically for overthinking it the best it’s incredible. Give it a try so these are my tips for disconnect being detaching from over thinking.


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