Stay calm under pressure: Ways to remain Peaceful

Anxiety is a big part of everyone’s life we get anxious when social settings, we get nervous we’re about to do a test.

When we have a job interview and we get stressed out by thinking about our future.

Being stressed anxious or nervous makes us not be able to focus and then we make stupid mistakes.

When you were in school you were so nervous on that test that you just made some really dumb mistakes or you’ve got into a really stressful job setting and you just didn’t perform as well.

Anxiety and Stress | Stay calm in every situation by these ways

Today let’s talk about staying calmer in stressful situations so when we are stressed we get really nervous anxious and that just doesn’t make us perform.

Instead of trying to remove the anxiousness we’re trying to get less nervous.

let’s talk about ways in which you can stay calmer. Tips that will help you stay calm in those situations because talking about it this way makes it a lot more effective.

Not focusing on getting rid of the negative we’re focusing on adding more positive.

Breathe: Calm your body with slow breathe

What can you do that will help you calm down the first and best way is just to breathe. More you stay calm more you will be happy and positive

It’s that simple it doesn’t need to be this extravagant tip that no one knows that secret to some people no it’s just to breathe.

You can do this with everyone just take those five to ten seconds take a deep breath in and then you will be a lot calmer.

If you do this two or three times your scent you’ll be able two racks to channel and just to face the problem with a new point of view.

One situation did not determine your life: It’s not the end

Whatever the problem is whatever is going on in your life you’ll make it through it’s not going to kill you not going to make your life miserable

It’s not the end and that’s so important to realise. The time you realise, you can improve your productivity and efficiency. Check out how easy it is.

When you realise that your life is not over at that point or that you know that even if something bad results from this problem that you can still make it through somehow.

There will be a lot more relaxed because whatever happens in your eyes whatever kind of shit is going on whatever problems you are facing you we’ll get through it somehow you will make it.

I know that because you’re here listening to me right now and if you look back in your life you’ve had some shitty times some tough problems.

You’re still here and you’re still able to be happy, you’re still able to be successful you can still do whatever you want to.

Like that one situation did not determine your entire life and then once that come up won’t either and I know that’s hard to realise in that moment because in that moment that emotion is all that matters if you’re stressed out.

If you think your life is ruined then nothing anyone will say will make it any better because that moment everything that exists for you that feeling is all that’s their only you can realise that it’s not that big a deal with that.

Whatever results from it you can conquer it no matter how bad it gets and you might understand that intellectually right now but you will only understand it fully when you are able to realise it in that moment.

Accept the anxiety and don’t make it big: Give yourself strength to fight with it

That sounds really counterproductive as if you accept distress wouldn’t you be more stressed that’s a really common misconception that almost everyone has.

Not the case just accepted you’re nervous right now that your stress right now that you’re anxious right now. Accept it you know it is the way this what you’re feeling is but most of us try to deny it we get stressed. You can also try natural stress reliever which is considered to very helpful to us.

Right now, I’m not stressed i can do this.I don’t have that much to do and we’re trying to kid ourselves and then we get even more stressed because we know we’re lying to ourselves if we just said you know what yes I am stressed!

Yes! I am anxious yes right now I am nervous right now have a lot to do and it’s kind of overwhelming or I’m nervous because the job means a lot to me.

I’m anxious because I really want to stay to go well just accept it whatever it is.

Once you accept that you are that nervous, once you accept it you are that anxious for once, you accept to stress in your life you’ll be able to handle it a lot better.

Then you’re taking what’s there and really focusing on it and not trying to make it smaller or bigger than it is.

You’re focusing on what is they’re not on what it feels like because we know that when we’re stressed we make the stress way bigger than it has to be.

The strategy is used in psychology all the time it’s called the minimax strategy and that concept is the we as people make things way bigger away smaller than they actually are and not take things for what is actually there.

Summary: Deep breathe, Figure it out, Accept it

Take a deep breath in and then look at the problem again.

Again these three times are to just take a breath take those 10 seconds that you might need for nothing of crucial importance will happen in those 10 seconds.

The second tip was to realise that you’ll be able to figure it out.

You figured out everything in the past before course some things didn’t go as planned but that doesn’t matter is still here right now you’re still happy. you can still achieve success.

You can serve whatever you want right now that situation did not define so no other situation will either you can do it you can push through it somehow.

The third tip is just to accept.

Accept it and look at what it really is what’s actually there now what doesn’t feel like but what’s actually there what are the actual problems. By accepting you will become more lovable.

I hope these tips will help you get less anxious I hope you will stay calmer with them and I hope you’re able to use them in some stressful situations.

Remember I can say whatever I want and you can hear whatever you want but unless you apply it nothing will change so next time you’re in a stressful situation take a deep breath and look at the problem again.


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