Side effects of multitasking

Don’t we all multitask? Chatting in whatsapp while talking with someone on phone? Sending emails in between watching TV? Talking with someone while driving? Multitasking is something we all are proud of. Haven’t you heard you friend boasting “Hey I completed my assignment in the middle of maths class. I even wrote maths notes in the midst of assignment! Power of multitasking man!” But is it really so great to multitask? Just ask your friend what he learnt during maths class and also what he wrote as assignment. If he is able to answer both the questions, I agree that multitasking is useful. But I can guarantee you, he can never answer that!

Multitasking is always overrated as something great but in real it shifts your focus from every task you are doing and reduces the productivity! Side effects of multitasking are many!

1. Shifts your focus

You may think that you are focusing on every work but in real your focus is no where near your works. Contrary to the popular belief multitasking doesn’t process the works you’re doing and you’ll not be able to concentrate any of the work you’re doing.

For example, a woman cooking dal while talking to someone over mobile either concentrates on the conversation or on the dal. But if she tries to do both, the dal might have sugar instead of salt and she may utter rubbish to the person over the phone.

2. Increase stress level

You may be chatting on whatsapp when you colleague comes for help. Oh no, your office phone is ringing constantly. Ah, you have an unread email! Hey, isn’t that your project report pending! The end result? Your high BP.

Multitasking never eases work but it adds up to pile! Your works come pending and you will have to bear the stress of all pending works and the consequences of not submitting works by time! The anxiety that follows stress reduces your efficiency and thus productivity!

3. Your memory is not as sharp as you think

Are you able to memorize every work you did during your extraordinary multitasking? You won’t! We all think that we can easily remember the works we did and the important points we are supposed to remember but in reality we don’t. Human brain is not as sharp to stimulate the heaps of burden thrown at it!

4. Bad health

Haven’t you heard the infamous words Health is wealth? Well the wealth goes when you suffer from the anxiety and stress caused by the multitasking. Another thing is that multitasking tires you, instead of helping you (as per everyone’s belief). You get tired easily and it reduces your energy to work further. So in short multitasking is not good for health and instead of helping you out, it decreases your efficiency and eventually the production!

5. It tampers your creativity

When you’re doing an assignment, you think about that topic and several questions arises in your mind. You clear those doubts as your finish the assignment and by the time you submit that you would have quite learnt about that topic. But imagine yourself writing the same assignment listening to music? You would never ask questions! You would never learn the topic! Instead you enjoy the melody of the song and write things that you don’t even bother to learn!


The main point of multitasking is that it never lets your focus on a thing. The rest of side effects actually follow this point. Shifting your focus from your work it tampers with your creativity, efficiency and hence the productivity. The modern world can be described as fast. It never stops nor does it wait. You ought to do things fast in order to hold up your place in this competitive world. People thinks that multitasking is an effective way to do things fast and catch up others in the long run but as said above, it actually slows you down. So instead of multitasking, prepare a schedule and stick on to the plan. Complete one task at a time and do that single task in the most efficient way! Always remember, when you do something you learn something from it. But multitasking never allows you to do that. So avoid multitasking and put your soul and brain in the work you’re supposed to complete by a dead line. You’ll find yourself in the front of the run!


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