Memorization Techniques : Best ways to Remember Quickly

Today I will play a memory game with you all through which you will understand how properly do you use your brain, and how much do you utilize your brain.

The game is very simple I will say 10(ten) different words you need to listen to it very carefully and have to remember it.

If you are ready, lets begin 3…2…1.

Now try to remember, how many words do you recollect out of 10(ten).


If you are an average person like me, then you will remember 5 to 7 words, and it must be difficult to remember it in the proper order.When I tried this, I could remember only 5 words. This thing is little weird.

We all know that our brain is capable of storing huge amount of data then this, In fact study says that our brain can store data up to 2.5 petabytes(approx).

To let you know,1 petabyte is equal to 1024 terabytes, and 1 terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes to which we call GB as a short form, to be more precise, about how much 2.5 petabyte data is.


If you start watching a video which is of 2.5 petabyte data & of tv quality.

If you watch the video constantly, still you will take 300 years to see the full video this is the capability of our brain, then why it is that, we are not able to remember simple words, numbers or paragraphs.

Our brain cannot memorise it easily, or after some time we quickly forget what we had remembered. Reason for this, mostly the techniques & ways we use to remember things, are not proper or correct.

Most people try to remember things by mugging or by repeatedly memorising it, but the reality is our brain is not made to remember things. In such a manner after sometime we quickly forget what we had remembered.

Dominic o brine has become world memory champion for eight(8) times, not because he was born intelligent or he was very smart in fact he was the weak student and also the dyslexia child.

He became the memory champion because he knew the proper techniques and ways of remembering things and proper ways of utilising his brain.

I will tell you some of the principles, with the help of which even you all can remember things easily & properly ,just like dominic or like any other world memory champion.

Principles to memorise things faster and for long time

Imagination : Connected strongly with memory

William James said in his book, that imagination and memory are strongly connected to each other.


If I ask you to share some of your old beautiful memories with me, you will start IMAGINING that experience in your brain, then you can easily tell me the experience if you can easily recollect those memories.

In different words, The things which you can easily imagine, you will more likely to remember it, when I ask you all to remember those ten (10)words.

Like me, most people have not remember it properly and those who have remembered, will not be able to keep it for the long time because we have not connected those words with the imagination.

When I said the word Apple then you should have imagined and visualised, that you are holding a big Red apple, which tastes really good and has a good fragrance.

After imagining something like this, there would have been a higher chance of remembering the word Apple, here if you have noticed, I have used many human senses in the imagination.

Like, how the Apple was looking, Its colour, Its smell etc. I did this because Including senses makes the work more memorable.

Association : Establish connection with words

Here Association means connection between two things; we are more likely to remember things which are connected to each other.

Example, we listen and see something, so we start remembering stuff related to it happens because our brain remember things easily when it has a connection between each other or an association.

When we can’t see the connection between two things, then it becomes difficult for us to remember it.

For example:

When I told you those ten words, they all were different, because of that you find difficult to recollect it, but if I would have said the words which have a connection to each other,t hen you must have remembered it easily.

Like, If I had said pencil then eraser, ruler sharpener etc;.remember you must remember these words easily because most of the people can see the connection and link easily between these words.

If we want to remember different stuffs, then we must use our imagination and nee to make an imagination between them.

Now using these two principles, A technique forms which is known as Story Method using this technique we can increase our memory capabilities.

To understand this practically, again we will play a word game but this time we will not remember it normally, instead in a story form & we will see how different results do we get.

How to establish that connection : Make a short story

You can try this by closing your eyes, just follow my words and imagine it properly in your mind.


Imagine that you are going somewhere by riding a light green colour bicycle and feeling the fresh air while pedalling, feeling very much relaxed because this cycle is very comfortable and smooth.


While riding a bicycle you feel hungry so you stop near the store and purchase you favourite chocolate and start eating


While eating the chocolate, you suddenly hear something when you listen to it Attentively, you understand that it is the sound of guitar, you find the sound so soothing that you start following it.


When you reach near the guitar player, you see that he is the soldier, tall & muscular, he is looking at you with a smiling face.


You see an old suicase near soldiers leg in which people are giving money.


Then a women comes she finds soldier talent so attractive, that she puts shinny diamond necklace in his suitcase.


As she starts walking, suddenly a football hits her.


When you see from where the football has come, you found out, that from the short distance, some kids were playing games, you understand it must be their football.


When you start looking needs carefully, among them you see a kid who is looking different from the other kids reason,he is wearing a white colour mask on his face you find that mask attractive, so you start walking towards that kid.


You see something red on the white mask as you walk closer, the fragrance of the rose starts coming reason, on the kids mask rose was mounted.


When you reach almost very close to that kid,you see that the child has stapled on his mask.


Then the child suddenly starts running towards the road full of vehicles.


While running,suddenly tomato comes under his feet due to which he loses his balance and falls on the ground.


After he falls,he looks towards the sky,he sees a big fire rocket going into the sky.


Then suddenly the rocket burst,with the huge sound and with different colors Happy Diwali appears in the sky.


Now again see how many words do you remember for remembering every single word , you need to recreate the entire story in your mind.

This time i have not told you 10 words,instead i have said 14 words, now if you all have imagined the story properly,then you would have remembered all 14 words also in the proper order.

If you make a story of as per your imagination,then this technique will work much better, you can make story whichever way you want to.

Just try to use different senses,use in you imagination and try to keep a logical association between them this was the only 1 technique which memory champion uses.




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