Leadership in Management: Must have Qualities

Management and Leadership are two terms that often overlap each other. Are they either different or same? Can a leader be a manager? Or can a manager be a leader? The answer is simple. Not every manager becomes leaders but all leaders are managers. To understand in deep you need to know what the two terms mean.

What is leadership?

have faith and feel confident from within

The simplest definition of a leader is someone who earned his followers by his integrity, honesty and actions. Leadership is a unique quality that not many have. Leadership is defined as the potential to influence and drive the group efforts towards the accomplishment of goals. Look up in the books of history and you would find great leaders that have led many countries and people to golden eras. The tale of Gandhi’s march to Dandi with the number of followers increasing village per village is an effective example of leadership. Gandhi never forced anyone to follow up his path of non-violence. He was able to present his views and opinions before people and make them realize that violence is not going to bring us freedom. And the rest is history!

What is management?

Management is the science or skill of getting things done by others. A manager is someone who manages things in the best possible manner. It’s a way of achieving a goal (a personal goal or something your organization wants to achieve). Unlike leadership, management involves authority and power. You make people work for you unlike leaders who have people who willingly work for them.

Leadership in Management

As said above, every leader can be great managers. For one’s future depends on the leadership qualities he or she present in the workplace or anywhere they belong to. A manager with great leadership skills can manage people in the most effective way.

Long vision and foresightedness

Usually managers have shorter vision on the task they give to their followers. Their prime motive is the completion of the task. But if a manager is able to foresee the events that would happen once the task is finished then he or she might be able to plan the tasks and its schedule more effectively and eventually the stress load on the workers would reduce. Proper planning and effectively following the plan according to a longer vision and getting organized will help in the increase of productivity of the organization to which the manager works.

Have an innovative and creative mind

Although a manager is trained to be precise, accurate on timings and manage well, he or she can be a bit creative and innovative. Instead of laying out a list of strategies to their team, they can create new ideas and ask them for opinion. A group discussion will always be loyal  to a leader and a manager cum leader but never to a manager.

It’s necessary to have innovative mind to be a great manager. For instance, you’re managing a group of interns at a fashion house. The task given to them is designing a wedding gown. Instead of forcing those to work forward with the existing designs you should be willing to receive their ideas and think about it. Just because you are a manager doesn’t mean that you should shut them from their opinions.

Control but never tighten the hold

A manager should always have a control over the followers. It’s a part of their job. The only thing is that you can hold the reign but never pull them hard. Let the deer run. Only pull them back when they go in the wrong direction. You should let your followers chase what they dream of, do what they wish for but also at the same time does their work at the right time.

The amount of followers a manager has might be huge but they won’t be following him or her because they want to. The choice is never theirs. They stand for their reputation and career. But if a manager turns into a responsible leader, then the following he or she gains will be with the trust he or she had shown on their followers and the trust the followers have on their manager.


Leadership and management are two concepts that should merge with each other. A manager with great leadership skills is someone the world is looking for. Management is a science that can be learnt anywhere at any time. But leadership, instead, is an art that only some people have! Any successful enterprise you would look up in the internet will have an efficient management with excellent leadership skills in it. The combination has proved to be brilliant in increasing production and efficiency of any company you would look at.


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