How To Increase Willpower And Self-Control

Willpower and self-control are essential for a happy and successful life and that what a growing body demands.

Whatever it is we could all do with more willpower. Perhaps you want to lose a few pounds or maybe you are trying to beat addictions.

Are you procrastinating right now?

Determination always gives you satisfaction at the end. Do you know, there is great power in human will.

It happens when you think that why some people are so much success while others are not, the reason is will power. Strength totally depends on how you use it.

Will power acts as a bridge between you and your goal.

Never compromise on that, understanding and practice will definitely result in willpower.

It’s not something that you find, to achieve it you have to create it. And we are here to help you with it.

Your willpower is limited.

willpower is limited

Many people think that willpower is some infinite resource but in reality, it works more like a fuel tank.

Brain scans confirmed that with each use of willpower, the self-control system in the brain becomes less active it’s as your willpower is eaten grammes why smokers who refrain from cigarettes are more likely to be enjoying ice-cream afterwards and even more surprisingly.

While people on a diet are more likely to cheat on the sign?What does this mean?

they aim to lose weight quit smoking and exercise daily all at the same time.

If you do this your willpower will be drained very quickly and you not going to be able to carry through with any of the goals instead focus all your willpower on one goal at a time.

Self-acceptance is better than guilt

always accept your mistakes and learn from them

Think back the times when you fail to carry through with you goal maybe you break your diet or just keep on procrastinating.

There is a huge sense of guilt, right? now, people see this as a good thing.

If you are not hard on yourself you always are lazy but this is completely wrong.

Feelings of guilt put us in a bad mood and when this happens, fantasise MRI scans show a brain switched to a reward-seeking state.

We want immediate gratification. So we can quickly feel better again.

Now, unfortunately, this is often at the expense of our long-term goals and consequently.

We feel even guiltier instead, it’s better to forgive yourself when you stuff up.

Just consider this experiment, women on a diet were firstly asked to eat a whole doughnut.

The act of breaking their diet obviously made them feel guilt at this point, researchers gave half the women a message to relieve guilt.

They told them everyone makes mistakes and so we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves the other half didn’t get this message.

Now here is the important part these women would then given candy afterwards and told that they could eat as much or as little as they wanted.

Those who got the message only ate 28 grammes but those who didn’t eat almost 70 grammes more than twice the other group.

so don’t be too harsh on yourself next time you fail. Always try to stay positive and happy.

Willpower is contagious

willpower is contagious

Humans are social animals.

If we see someone do something we have the strong natural instinct to mimic them this is what makes willpower contagious.

If we see someone trying to achieve a goal we want it can motive us. Try and learn to be self-motivated.

For example:-

In one study students read a story about another student who worked over spring break.

This goal of making money caught on and the participants work harder and faster to earn money in the subsequent lab task.

In another study, students were asked to merely think of a friend he doesn’t smoke.

This act of thinking alone made them less interested in smoking themselves.

So if you want to achieve the goal find a friend with the same goal and motivate each other.

Don’t imagine yourself achieving a goal

self control is necessary

A lot of self-help books will tell you to visualises yourself succeeding but consider this:

Researchers followed women who were trying to lose weight

Those with the most positive fantasies about reaching their weight goals lost the least amount of weight.

A similar effect happens when McDonald’s introduced a healthy menu option ironically the sales a BigMac skyrocketed.

In both cases, the problem was people started visualising themselves being healthy with McDonald’s the salad option merely made customers imagine themselves choosing the nutritious options.

The thing is fantasising tricks the brain into thinking it’s already achieved the desired goal. Learn to set your goals.

Consequently, since you feel that you’ve made progress you allow yourself to indulge more even though there’s nothing to show for it.

So while it’s fantasising you should stop this habit immediately and those are the top four tricks you should use to enhance your willpower.


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