Improve Productivity And efficiency: Tips and Tricks

Imagine you’re at work and you have a lot of tasks to complete, but you’re just not able to complete them in the given time.

You might get feedback from your boss saying, You know what you’re not being very productive or efficient.

What is this productivity?

How can you be highly productive at work?

How can you improve your efficiency?

Well, If you wanna know about that, you are at the right place. Today we’re gonna learn tips to become highly productive at your workplace.

Today I’m gonna share with you, Tips on how you can become highly productive and efficient at work or any other place.

To be efficient in life

Except for your mistakes and learn from it

a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

You don’t have time to do it right the first time when are you gonna have time to redo it correctly.

Today we’re talking about a really quick and really powerful advice that’s really helped me become more efficient and more effective.

This is how to be efficient in life by doing it right the first time now.

The question I asked you in the introduction was if you don’t have the time to do it right the first time when are you gonna find the time to redo it right the second time.

This is a very simple question and it makes a lot of sense right!

We always try to rush things because we have a deadline we just want to get it done or for whatever reason.

If you’re not doing it correctly the first time when are you actually going to come back to it and give it the proper attention it deserves.

Most likely never! and what I found this is a huge lesson for myself.

It’s why I share for all of you what I found is that I’ve been a victim of this. I’ve been like I want to get this out.

If I put out something that’s less than up to my own personal standard then there’s an internal resistance for going back to it.

Not only am I annoyed with myself putting out something that was lacklustre or below my standards of exceptional quality but I now have a time sink aversion to it.

I feel like oh this thing is crummy and all I have to go pay more attention to it. right!

It’s a double negative. So not only are you not getting the results that you want. You then have a resistance to going back and changing your results.

The way I feel that I’m always wanted to create and always want to put out more in the world.

I’ve always wanted to produce more results. I very rarely feel excited to return to old results and revamp it.

Understand your passion

understand your passion

If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to redo it?

The answer is never!

You can become much more efficient in life by extending your deadline or not be setting a deadline.

By just understanding that your passionate work on something is going to produce the greatest results.

Working inside of it until you feel like you’ve produced the greatest result and only then moving on to that next thing.

This applies to any area of life. Try how to set goals for better understanding.

Willpower: Key of success

key to success is willpower

A week later you’re gonna have after you’ve already broken all the habits that you used to get into the current level shape.

you have to revisit those routines and reinstall those routines. Get back in action it’s like why didn’t you just do it right the first time.

Much less energy drain so much less willpower required right! we only have a certain amount of willpower.

A number of times you test your willpower is the likeliness that you’re going to succeed or not.

It’s also how efficient your view,

If you’re forcing yourself to act out of your willpower twice. Wants to start the thing and then wants to revisit it that’s twice as much energy.

Half the efficiency and you’re going to have half the results in your life because our willpower is malleable.

You’re not always going to find it at the second time around so quick.

How to be more productive at work

Learn to priorities

set priorities and learn to say no

Now the first tip and this one I use like a golden rule. It’s called learn to prioritise, that’s right.

Now you may have heard from many people that keeping a priority list of tasks actually helps.

Let me tell you one more time. It does help and it helps in a big way.

In case you’re somebody, who ends up doing a lot of things at the same time or tries to complete their tasks and It’s always a race against time, what you need to do is you need to make a to-do list.

Prioritise your tasks according to their urgency or according to their importance.

The important thing to do is stick to this to do list, that’s right.

Do not digress and start at the top and finish at the bottom.

When you keep finishing your tasks, keep taking them off your list, because this will give you a lot of confidence, a lot of positivism.

It will encourage you to work faster.

In an office environment, It’s always possible that you have your to-do list, but there are a lot of people, who have their to-do list.

They might expect you to work on their tasks first.

Make sure that as far as possible, you stick to your to-do list, because ultimately when you finish your to-do list, that’s when you are gonna be coming out as highly productive.

I’m saying always and always learn to prioritise and stick to your tasks list.

Avoid all distractions

avoid all distraction and manage your work

Now the next tip in order to be highly productive at your workplace is, Always, always avoid all distractions.

what type of distraction?

When I’m talking about distractions, I’m talking about your cell phone.

The games on your cell phone.

I’m talking about all the social media sites.

I’m talking about online surfing or gaming, whatever that you waste time in.

All of these things can be good distractions, good diversions.

Make sure that once you get to work, you focus on the tasks at hand.

You give your hundred percent to your work, because if you waste time getting distracted by all these various social or technological distractions.

You are going to pay by losing your productivity.

So I repeat myself, make sure that you focus on your work at all times and absolutely avoid all distractions.

Shield yourself from negativity

have positive attitude in life

The third tip that I have for you is slightly different. It’s not something regular or runs up the mill, but It’s highly important, which is why I’m gonna take it slow here.

Make sure that you shield yourself from negativity.

Workplaces have many people, different people have different natures, different perspectives.

Sometimes workplaces can be breeding grounds for negativity, gossip and some sort of interpersonal differences.

If you have a workplace, that suffers from all of these things. What you have to do?

You have to shield yourself from this negativity and focus on your work.

How do you shield yourself from this negativity?

positive attitude makes you more effecient

Do not indulge in gossip sessions, do not indulge in small talk during work hours.

Probably only when you’re taking a break. Also, don’t take what you hear or what people speak about to heart.

Focus on your work a hundred percent. Make your work your highest priority.

In fact, people say that, when you’re working, It should be like a sort of a meditation, that’s how focus you need to be.

Don’t let anybody’s opinions or words affect you and trust me, If you master this, you will be the king of productivity.

Now when you’re working in an organisation. It’s very, very normal that you always look for approval or acknowledgement from the people around you, your colleagues, your bosses.

I’m saying, If you want to be highly productive approve of yourself.

Each time you do something fantastic at work, do not keep looking for approval outside of yourself from other people or from your seniors.

If you don’t get the approval you’re looking for, you will end up feeling very discouraged and demotivated.

If you want to keep your motivation levels high always compete only with yourself and always keep appreciating and approving of yourself and your work.

That way you’ll be focused on your work and you will be highly productive at your workplace.

Forget and erase past failures

sometimes you win sometimes you learn, so forget about the failure and remember the lesson

The next tip that I have for you in order to become highly productive is a golden one, It says, forgets and erase past failures.

Now it always happens that sometimes, we end up making mistakes at work, sometimes we’re not at our best.

Sometimes we face small failures, It happens to everybody.

If you are going to hold on to a past failure and replay it in your mind every time you’re faced with a difficulty or a challenge at work.You are not gonna be able to get very far.

In fact, that fear, that insecurity, that memory will cripple you and it will stop you from achieving any success further.

Make sure that you let go of all your past mistakes and failures.

Treat each moment like It’s a new moment and focus on your work and that will take you ahead on the path to high productivity.

Learn not to be overwhelmed

learn not to be overwhelmed. always ask for help

The next tip that I have for you is slightly difficult to execute. If you want to be highly productive at work.

You have to learn not to be overwhelmed. Workplaces are hubs of stress, you know urgency.

Too many things happening at the same time, It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you’re stressed when you’re challenged.

It’s easy to loose your temper, Learn to control your temper. It’s easy to be slightly rude, It’s easy to look confused.

But that’s what you have to master.

Now if you want to become the master of productivity, learn to be able to control your emotions, control your mind.

In fact master your mind and emotions, so that you don’t appear confused or distracted or stressed or overwhelmed in crucial situations.

When you show your calm and cool collected response in social situations and actually get on top of your tasks, that’s when you will be appreciated by all.

Everyone will want to emulate your productivity.

Keep on learning

never stop learning

My last tip for you in order to become highly productive at your workplace is last but not the least and it says, Keep on learning.

Now it often happens that once you’re done with your education, the learning stops.

Let me tell you that learning is a life-long task and you must commit to this task in order to remain relevant and productive.

So your responsibility at your workplace or any job or any work that you’re doing is to continuously keep learning.

Keep updating yourself, keep upgrading your skills and to keep working on self-enhancement and self-improvement.

When you do so you get newer ideas, new avenues open up and your productivity is increased. Your general motivational levels to keep on doing better and better at work continue to increase lifelong.

So make sure you do not give up on the books on the knowledge. Keep on learning and you will see yourself becoming an expert at being productive.

We’ve had some fantastic tips on how you can be highly productive at work and your time starts now and your game begins now.


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