Improve Concentration level: Dark Secret to Stay Focus

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
― Zig Ziglar

Before understanding the biggest secret of concentration believed by experts. Let me introduce you what the focus is.

A Big question mark to focus.

Stay Focus for Concentration

I don’t need to explain why do you need to be aware. A focused person can do anything. They are confident and are of high frequency.
I can give thousands of example which can sweep the rug out from under your feet. It’s the Focused person who is ruling the world.

Who are focused

Every successful Sportsman, Businessman, CEO’s, Intelligent people, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Leader are of clear vision.
There is a unique identity of such person. To identify them pay attention to the way they talk. They don’t get divert easily. They talks point to point. And every point is like a gemstone.

Can concentration increase?

One of my favourite examples is Thomas Elva edition. He was thrown out of the school considering less I.Q person but later he enhanced his intelligence and ability to think better and organised. Today he has the highest number of inventions.

I think it is the best example; I can give. If a dumb can increase his awareness to pursue his dreams, then anybody can do anything. But the question is how to increase it. So here is the answer.

The single and Darkest secret of concentration

One day I went to a seminar. The place was jampacked of very important person. It was glamorous, but I was least interested there. My mood was off.

Abruptly, an old man on stage captured my attention. He was like a magician who can hypnotise anybody. I don’t know what he was doing, but I was not able to ignore him. And I don’t even want to.

Soon I realised that he was a billionaire businessman. In the end, he taught me a deep secret of success.

After hearing his dense voice and secrets of his success, my heart and brain were coordinating together. That event actually changed my life. His fifteen minutes of revolutionary speech reverberated my inner system. I was full of energy, enthusiasm. I didn’t have to use outer power to be an active anymore.

An old billionaire with a dense voice was speaking slowly. He sounds professional as the way he was rolling words in his mouth.

I don’t know when he changed my easy and relaxed posture to the super active.I found my back was bending little towards him. He was about to give the secret of his gems stones. A key of a golden door. I was waiting for it from many years.

A key which is with every successful person. A key which is like an i-card of every successful person. Not every people share it, but that man did.

After a long gap, he asked a very personal question in his heavy voice. That gap actually enhanced my curiosity. My heartbeat was high at that time. I was not able to wait.

And after hearing that question, I was shocked. I have repeated that question again and again. I was unable to sleep after it. My efficiency was enhanced within a week.

The question was very simple. What are the most important things for you right now, Are you ok with it?

It is a very simple question, but I took it very seriously as it was taken seriously by him too.

After some days I purchased Sticky Notes. I wrote that question and pasted It everywhere

While writing that simple question, my mind got a solid boost. Everything seems to the eyes of learning.

Just ask yourself what is the most important thing to me right now? And am I ok with it? Trust me it is going to help you.

How to use these powerful spells

If you are eating food then just eat. Don’t watch TV and that stupid cell phone. Food is the main source of our behaviour. Whatever you do while eating, you react like that.

If we do multitask while eating our sharp mind is going to distract. Be happy at that time and get involve in the exotic taste of it. Just spell those words and magic will happen.

A proven theory of science: Multitasking reduces the amount of time consumption, but it also decreases our creativity, quality efficiency of work.

If you are sleeping, walking, etc. then don’t talk unnecessarily from your own.

Start asking that magical question from yourself again and again. It doesn’t matter how small that work is, or how perfect you are already in it. Still, stay on it.

Tip from my end

  • In starting, you may face difficulty. Your mind will get divert. At that time just try to observe the direction of your thoughts. Try to catch how they are diverting. With practice, you will be able to understand how thought gets changed.

Within a month you will be able to capture that stupid monkey who jumps so fast right now.

  • Stop doing unnecessary tasks. Why solve puzzles or play video games which will lead to us nowhere, until an unless you are a gamer.
  • If you are wasting your time and you have no choice then waste it with your complete focus. Your full focus should be there. As what so ever you do with full awareness can never be wasted. Try to learn from every aspect of life. Don’t just watch movies, be alert and observe how to reply, talk, react, etc. Learn 24 hours a day.
  • Asking this question again and again what is important for me and am I ok with it will also improve your priority order list.

You will be able to make better priority order list. Make a list in which you must describe every type of work you do.

  • Don’t do any work which is not on your list.

Important Note

You will be still not able to concentrate if you are only motivated. A Motivated person can’t be alert on a long term. No planning can help for such person. The reason is motivation is always temporary. What you need is the inspiration which is permanent.

Inspiration is somewhat which helps you when you fall. It calls you to stand back.

If you are not inspired person, then watch or read daily an inspirational thing. Your devotion of 5 minutes is enough for it. Remember you have to do this daily. Stay Focus Stay Concentrate.




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