How to overcome loneliness: 7 Ways to fight them

We all might have encountered loneliness at some point of our life. We all might have felt left out in a gathering! We all might have sulked in a corner of our room having no one to talk with! It might be due to tragic incidents or simple isolation or sometimes social loneliness. But whatever cause it had, loneliness can be dangerous and disturbing. The extreme cases of loneliness involve depression and consultation with psychiatrists. But the beginning stages can easily be treated by ourselves! Dealing with loneliness involves many things like controlling your mind (the most important but the most difficult one), meeting new people, hobbies etc.

1. Figure out the reason for your loneliness

The first step is identifying the reasons for your loneliness. Ask yourself questions like “Why do I feel lonely?” “When do I feel lonely?” “Is it that my insecurities making me feel left out?” A self evaluation is the greatest method to tackle the sadness and loneliness that had been eating you out! Figure out why you are lonely and then take steps to avoid that.

For example, if you are feeling lonely because you have no friends, go out and meet new people. Go to a social place (parks, pubs, libraries) and socialize with people. If you’re lonely because you have no special person to confide your feelings, express it to a diary. Write down your feelings. Sometimes a diary can be the best friend you never had!

2. Involve yourself in activities

Some may feel lonely due to personal tragedies. Sitting alone and doing nothing makes you think about the incident and also the fact that you’re lonely rises up in your brain. The best way to tackle this is involving yourself in activites. Indulge yourself in some creative hobbies like crafts or sit down to watch a comedy film. Do what you love, like writing, gardening, painting etc. Join a gym or clubs. Never let yourself sit free. Your mind shouldn’t even have the time to work and pester you with the thought that you’re lonely.

3. Get a pet

The feeling of loneliness strikes when you enter your room/house. The feel that you’re lonely hits you hard when you find yourself in the middle of a quiet apartment. This is where pets come in. Animals can be our best friend. Get a pet. It lightens up your house and removes the feeling of loneliness. The happiness you would get when your pet runs up to you the moment you open the main door can never be expressed through words. You will never ever feel lonely if you have a pet to cuddle!

4. Avoid negative thinking

If you walk around a party thinking that no one would like you and talk to you, you would end up enjoying the party at a corner. If you feel that you are left out in a group and not take an initiative to remove that, you would be left out forever. Think positively because negative thinking brings negative perception about everything. The main cause of loneliness can be sometimes your negative thoughts.

Tackle your negative thoughts by thinking something good over it. For example, if you’re thinking of that moment when you were left out by a group of people, tackle that thought by thinking of a moment where you were enjoying with your friends at a party!

5. Don’t over sleep

Sleeping is the most easiest way to feel good – that’s a general misconception. True, you would feel nothing when you sleep. Every single worry and problems forgotten, you can float in slumber. But this may make you more depressed. You would start to despise the moments when you’re awake. At extremity, it may turn into a suicidal attempt – to sleep forever!

6. Love meditation; Have a tug of war with loneliness

Meditation is an effective way to get in touch with your feelings. It reduces loneliness and depression. It finds the roots of your feelings and helps you tackle it. Join a meditation club and learn the basics of the same. Find yourself a good spot and indulge yourself in the calm aura of meditation. Another advantage of it is that meditation increases the blood flow in your system and keeps your fresh and bright!

7. Talk to a therapist

Sometimes it might be hard to figure out why you’re lonely or the fight with loneliness might tire you! It’s okay to fall! Consult a therapist and talk how you feel. He/she will help you to drive your mind out of the web loneliness have tied you in.

Meet new people, talk to them, if you’re suffering from social loneliness. Be yourself and find new friends. Try to enjoy and suck out the maximum fun from every social event you attend. Pour out your feelings to your favourite dairy or cuddle your cute pet. Indulge yourself in activities that could relax you. Work out, meditate and freshen up yourself. There are numerous ways one can handle loneliness and successfully come out of it.

Always remember that you’re not the only person who is lonely in the whole world. Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life. The real road out of it lies when you realize that loneliness is actually a feeling. Just like you feel happy, angry, sad, you can also feel lonely. It’s completely okay to feel so! The real maturity lies when you’re able to figure out the reasons why you’re lonely and is able to tackle it with all your positive thoughts.



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