How to gain trust in relationship: 7 Important Tips

I have heard people saying All relationships go through hell, the real ones get through it. So true! Every relation has its own ups and downs. Be it small fights or huge drama, everyone finds themselves stuck at some point of their relationship. But most of them get over it and lead a happy life with their partner. It may look smooth from outside but there is something that acts as an invisible thread between two people. This thread is what holds them together despite all odds. One would say that it is love. Another would say that it is the care. No. The five letter word that have a deep meaning, deeper than what it showcases, Trust is what holds a relationship from falling. Reminds me of the popular meme that said

Relationship with no trust is like a cell phone with no service. You can just play games with it!

Trust your partner; The most important point in a relationship

Would you feel jealous when your partner hangs out with a friend of opposite sex? Your insecurity may bring a huge misunderstanding in the relationship. If you need to gain trust of your partner, first you need to trust them. Instead of bursting out with insecurity, learn to trust them and believe in them. It’s way to earn their respect. Just like GIVE RESPECT EARN RESPECT, trust them and gain their trust.

Be honest with your partner

No one would want to trust a liar. So the first point in a relationship – be honest. Lying is easy. But once you’re caught the impact it will have on your relationship will last forever. Because once you lie, no matter how much truths you mean no one would listen to you. Haven’t you heard, once a liar, always a liar?

Give your partner the space they deserve

Give them the peaceful atmosphere they deserve. Trying to control every move of your partner will reduce the trust they have on you. Also hurting them verbally or physically or creating a tense atmosphere would not bring good impact on the relationship. Let them follow their wishes and give them the choice to do that. Stay calm and create an atmosphere that will be healthy for your relationship.

If your partner wants to go for a party with his or her friends, be okay with it. Deal with it that they have friends and happiness besides you. Possessiveness and controlling nature is a sign of distrust.

Your relationship must be your top priority

When you’re in a relationship it should be among your top priorities. No partner would love it when you miss their birthday for some other works. Yes you should have a social life, a career everything but when time comes when you have to choose between your friends and partner, your partner would be over the moon when you choose him or her. For that you need to set priorities, you need to get organized in life.

Be reliable

You should be there when he or she needs you. Your partner ought to have the feeling that he or she can rely on you. This trust forms a foundation to your relationship and holds it strongly and firmly from falling.

Share your feelings

If you keep secrets from your partner and choose not to share your feelings with them they will develop a feeling that you do not trust them! One of the most important points to keep in mind is that

If you need to gain trust from your partner, they should feel that you trust them!

Share how you feel with them. For example, if you have work pressure and is frustrated about it instead of bursting out in anger, deal with anger by sharing your feelings about your work and your arrogant boss with your partner. Not only does you gain trust of your partner but would also feel relaxed. As one always says, sharing reduces the pain.

Never rummage through your partner’s belongings

Not only is that a very bad habit but it also tarnishes your image and there goes the trust your partner had in you. This is where the trust in your partner comes. You need to trust in them and checking their mobiles, laptops, bags and other belongings is a sign of mistrust. And no partner in the world would love it.


I TRUST YOU” is always a better a compliment than “I LOVE YOU” because you may not necessarily trust the person you love. But you would always love the person you trust. Trust is what acts like a glue to a relationship.

A relationship without trust is like a unlit candle. It will stay beautiful forever but it would never glow.

Only the fire of trust would make the candle of relationship glow brighter. As the relationship goes on the candle melts due to the obstacles thrown away to them but the light of trust still lights brighter. It stays on forever till the end!




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