How to achieve a goal successfully: Secret Golden Rules

Don’t we all set goals? It might be completing a certain chapter by an hour or washing dishes by 10pm at night! No matter how crazy it is, everyone have goals! But not everyone achieve their goals. For setting goals and achieving it are completely different. Setting a goal and longing for it won’t do. It’s hard to achieve your goals. But one wouldn’t reach heights just by dreaming. ‘Coz dreams stays as a dream unless you work for it. It involves conscious actions and getting rid of some bad habits (Like, a person striving to be athletic have to get rid of his laziness and start to practise the sport he/she wants to excel).

1. To achieve your goals, make sure that they are approachable

Setting goals that are far for your reach is absurd! Decide what you want to achieve. That’s the most important thing. Don’t be concerned what others want you to be. Consider your wishes and set a logical goal. Studies say that if the goal you have set is personally meaningful, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. If the plan doesn’t work, change your plan but never the goal! Being your own priority for a while isn’t selfishness but just a necessity. First they will ask you WHY you did it. It’s up to you to bow down there or make them ask later HOW you did it!

One way to set goals is self talk. Ask yourself questions like “What do I want to become?” “What do I want to do for my family?” The answers to these questions would narrow your mind down and point towards the direction you would want to go.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your dreams ought to be realistic. Dreaming of a penthouse apartment near to Eiffel tower is absurd if your budget is for 1BHK! Keep your goals grounded to reality. It’s okay to dream but never dream beyond your reach!

2. Take small steps

Jumping to fulfil your goals is not logical. One cannot have a flat stomach in a day. You ought to work daily and complete small goals you set (like a diet, or an exercise in an interval). Similarly, can you complete the portions for annual semester exam in one day? Never! You ought to complete chapters by chapters by setting goals like 1 chapter in 2 hours!

3. Prepare a schedule

Write down your goal and sub-goals (the small steps you agreed to take) on your desk and create a schedule for it. For example, if you’re a student preparing for annual exams, set a timetable for the completion of a set of chapters on your study desk. We all procrastinate. Remember that the burden it would give you makes your goal more far.

4. Identify the time wasters and obstacles

We all have some time wasters. For some it may be music and for some it may be games, but we all find ourselves lost in some specific things. The first step to take for achieving your goals is removing or lessening the influence of all those time wasters in your life.

Obstacles are something that is bound to come! One can never have path of roses without thorns in it. Realize what the obstacles are and take solutions against it. For example, you might be planning to build a house and suddenly came in a medical/educational emergency! Arranging housing loan for your dream house is the best solution.

5. First achieve your goals through dreams

“Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them” – Les Brown

Didn’t dreams encourage you to set a goal? Well then, dream of achieving those goals. Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try! Visualize that moment when you take the championship trophy of athletics. Or the moment when you see the stocks of your company rise! It can be the greatest boosters. It would motivates you to work for it and achieve your goals, to relive the moment we saw in the dream. The harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you finally achieve your goals!

6. Stay focused

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals! The hardest but the most important task – staying focused. You may have many distractions coming up, many occasions coming up but always remember the goal you have set and the promise you have made to yourself! Work for what you want and never let anything bring that down! There may come many obstacles which will tire you down and make you rethink your decision. But let the passion and drive show! As elders say, sometimes the best destinations force you to take the roughest trails!


Reaching is hard but imagine how you would feel when you finally achieve your goals! The happiness one would have when he/she reaches the dream is bigger than anything in this world. But everything comes when you decide to work hard. The determination to work and longingness for success is all you need to achieve your goals. Set your goals, review them, make sure that they are approachable – the first step. The next step is working for it. As said earlier, you might face many obstacles but let the passion show its heights! The determination you have is what should be shown at the times of despair. For one’s chance to come out with flying colours depends on his/her will to take up failures and jump over the obstacles!

“There will be obstacles

There will be doubters.

There will be mistakes.

But with hard work,

There are no limits.”

–  Michael Phelps



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