Habits of highly effective people

Habits of Highly Effective People

It is a proven fact that the things we do in a single day up to 90% of them are because of our habit. So being highly effective we need to develop the habits of a highly effective person.
Here are the 7 habits of highly effective people from Stephen covey’s book.

 Be Proactive, What is that?

proactive results in progress and make you productive

Being proactive means taking responsibility and stop blaming others for your own situations.
For example, complaining about the corruption in government, having Bad luck or wrong position
of the stars etc.
All of these are a sign of the reactive person.

Why to develop it?

If you don’t develop it then gradually your mindset will become you cannot do anything
to change your own situation, it is totally dependent on some outside forces.
Which can totally kill your effectiveness in any field of life?

How to develop it?

Find out a situation where you always act as a reactive person and at first for only
7days try not to blame others, take responsibilities and only concern about what you can, instead
of what you cannot.

Begin with the end in mind, What is that?

Always begin only after carefully analysing the probable results of what you are going
to do.
For example, if you are thinking of getting admitted into engineering college then carefully
analyse what could be the probable results of it?
Is that the thing what you want in your life?

Why to develop it?

If you don’t develop this habit then most of the cases you will end up regretting the
decisions you made in your life.
For example, if you don’t think of the outcomes properly and you breakup with your girlfriend
just to study more efficiently, then it may happens you regret for it after few days.

How to develop it?

Every time you take a decision count the probable outcomes of it?
Then ask yourself are you ready for it?
Is that the thing you really want?

Put the first thing first, What is that?

focus on your priority

It is making a priority list and clearly defining there, which thing is how much important
in your life.
And according to this only, giving time to those works or people.
For example, for all of us health should top the priority list, so the 1st thing we need
to do is to exercising daily.
Allocating time from our daily schedule for exercising first, then for other things.

Why to develop it?

It can be called the key habit of daily effectiveness.
Because if you don’t priories the things in your life, you will end up every day doing
all those attracting useless things which do not have any importance at all in your

How to develop it?

 Make a priority list.
And after you wake up in the morning or for some people i may say after you wake up in
the noon, just try to finish the works one by one according to the priority list only.

Think win-win, What is that?

In case of life, for you to win the other person does not have to loose always.
For example, if i like your videos and i refer my subscribers to visit your channel and you
also do the same then we both can have more subscribers than before.

Why to develop it?

Because it is the best situation that can be created.
All the other situations like win-lose or lose-lose, in all the other cases there may
be some benefit in the short term but in the long run there will be no benefit at all.

How to develop it?

Figure out the obstacles in creating a win-win situation.
Then use your brain and try to figure out ways to eliminate obstacles as many as possible.

Seek first to understand then to be understood, What is that?

always listen to others

It is nothing but treat as you want to be treated.
Listen carefully to the other person first and then try to make him listen to your words.

Why to develop?

suppose you made a mistake, then instead of getting cursed, you will want the other
person to first listen to you, why you did it?
Or how it happened?
So, if you wish it from others then others also wish it from you.
This habit can takes your understanding of every situation to the next level.

How to develop?

always First Try to analyze every situation from other person’s point of view.
Then try to tell them about your opinion.

Synergies, What is that?

It is the habit of doing teamwork.
It means finding every possible situation where you can synergies with other people
and achieve more.

Why to develop it?

Suppose Mark Zukerberg would have decided that he didn’t need anyone, he would singly
handled all the works of facebook, then facebook could have never been so popular and addictive
You have to synergize with other people if you want to achieve something big in this
your short life span.

How to develop it?

To synergize properly first you need to think win-win.
Keep your eyes always open for a chance to synergize with the right people.

Sharpen the saw, What is that?

 action speak louder than words
If you want to cut a tree then it is best to first invest your time in sharpening the
For example, if you want to quit any of your addiction then first invest your time in developing
your control over your mind.
For this you can meditate daily or gain knowledge about the bad effects of that addiction very
First sharpen the saw then go to cut that tree.

Why to develop?

If the saw is not enough sharp then it can take years and years to cut a tree, where as sharpening the saw may take only one day and the next day you can cut the tree. So it is a smart idea to sharpen the saw first.

How to develop?

If you want to be healthy, first allocate time to exercise daily.
If you want to be mentally fit then meditate daily for at least 5 minute and then notice
the difference in your daily life.
So these are the 7 habits from stephen covey’s book 7 habits of highly effective people.

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