Tips for a productive day: Top Secret

Every day is a step of your life. Wasting one such step to success is something one should avoid. It’s just a day. How does it matter? This is what people ask. But NO! It matters! Having a productive day matters a lot! For one’s success depends on how he/she makes use of a single day of their life.

People say that a concentrated mind and desire for success is all you need to have a productive day. But not every hardworking person ends up with good results by the end of the day. There are many aspects in having a productive day. From the moment you wake up in the morning to your bedtime you ought to follow many things to increase the productivity of your day.

1. Have a morning routine

Follow Mornning Routine

Waking up from the bed and directly getting ready for your work is stupidity. Go for some exercise routine to increase the blood flow to your brain and also improves your physical body and immunity! Physical activity increases hormones and other chemical beneficial to your brain and body health. From having a healthy breakfast to reading newspaper, a morning routine clears your mind for a good start for the day! Create good morning habits for that’s what determines how your day would be.

2. Physical hygiene

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that when you look at yourself, you should feel the charisma that you ought to have. Our appearance must be such that we would feel not to postpone our works. For example, a untidy work desk ruins your mood to work/study. Instead clean it and make it look studious! It’s similar to when people say not to keep scary objects in your bedroom or study room.

3. Make a plan

One might sit confused doing nothing the whole day just because he/she doesn’t know what to do and when to do! Make a plan; get organized; stick a To-Do list on your study desk. It would help you scheduling time according to the works. Also note your peak time. Do your creativity flow in right at the midnight or during the chirpiness of early birds? According to it, schedule the important works to the peak time and less important and easy ones to your less-active time. This would help you complete your works within the time and thus, eventually increasing the productivity of your day.

4. Time management

Working hard and having a plan isn’t all enough. You need to learn to manage your time efficiently. Setting up your priorities, making sure that you complete your to-do list and the environment you sit in everything matters in time management. Only someone who excels in it can complete works by due time and thus increasing the productivity of his/her day.

5. Avoid procrastination

It’s NOW or NEVER. The burden procrastination brings is huge and it disrupts your entire schedule. One can never increase the productivity with postponing the works he/she is supposed to complete within the due date.

6. Avoid multitasking

People who brag about multitasking doesn’t complete their works with utmost perfection as they claim to. No one can do a work efficiently by multitasking. When you’re working , be it small or huge, you ought to have a concentrated mind with no distractions tampering it. For example, if you’re in a place with unbearable noise or the ticking sound of clock disturbing you, plug in headphones!

7. Take breaks

Concentrating too much wears you easily. Always take 5 to 10 minutes break after each one or one and half hours. Listen to soothing music and wash your face during the break, freshening yourself. But make sure that the break doesn’t exceed more than 10 minutes. Breaks should remain as breaks. i.e. don’t get carried away listening music or doing anything.

This is where time wasters come in. Everyone have some things that we get lost in. Music, games, social media etc. Make sure that you don’t get engaged to them during your breaks. When you set off to work for a productive day, make sure that all those time wasters are miles apart.

8. Reward yourself

No matter how much you worked hard, take time to compliment yourself for the work you did. Go for a short trip with your friends or relax at home watching your favourite series. It not only increases the productivity of the next day but also de-stresses you and relaxes your brain.


Having a productive day involves planning things from the beginning of your day till hitting to your bed. From having a healthy breakfast and exercise at morning to working according to the schedule you had brought up; one needs to be completely organized to make the maximum use of a day.


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