Goal Setting in Life: Set smartly

Goal setting. So, you’ve decided on a change and you’ve made some fundamental steps. Decision making is the basic step to set your goals.

In the overall change process, you’ve decided on what you want in terms of a legacy.

Now is to work out the small steps you’ve got to take in order to cross that very large pond.

What now? how do you get there?

It’s time to realign your dreams think back to when you were a child.

What do you think you would be?

How do you think that your life would evolve?

Ultimately where you are now in?

This thinking process and this overall change you are back to that state you’re thinking about what life can be like in the future.

Now you need to start thinking about how that’s going to support you and all of the support of tools around you.

How are you going to bring them all together? It can be very easy to lose sight of where you’re going or what you’re aiming for therefore goal setting is essential in this overall process.

Yes! you’re aiming towards your legacy and yes you’ve set some clear and specific goals of what you want to achieve.

They now need to be chunk down into smaller more manageable goals.

Remember you’re only working today, you’re not working for the future in terms of what you’re doing tomorrow or next week in knowing your legacy.

You can now work backwards and set those goals to ensure that you are able to achieve it. So what steps are you going to take today what goals are you setting yourself?

Draft a plan

Take some time out perhaps today to draft a plan just as you would draft a shopping list.

Know what you want. Set some key specific goals to ensure that your dreams become your reality.

Avoid what you don’t want

Avoid the tendency to focus on what you don’t want.

It’s very easy to focus on all of the things that make your life uncomfortable.

Sometimes it’s easier to know what you don’t want then it is that you do.

Start thinking in the positive

Start today, thinking in the positive think about what aspects of life that you are going to change now and how you have changed over perhaps the last six weeks.

Always try to be positive. It will be led your way to success.

Draft out your blueprint

It’s time now to draft out your blueprint. it can be simple things like stop smoking, stop drinking or change your thinking.

It doesn’t matter what it is is the action of starting to change which is fundamental.

So is change hard?

Is it difficult for the truth? is that?

It’s not if you think about it. People can change in an instant that is Harmon.

Someone has been smoking for 20 years and decide one day to give up and stop. Your change can happen when you are ready when you decide that enough is enough.

Why would you be on living a life of unhappiness or not change?

Change can be as simple as you choose

Why not start today think back to when you were a child. Perhaps from the age of five to ten look at what you achieved. Within that period of time, you could tie your shoelaces.

You could learn how to read, you could learn how to write, the learning curve was phenomenal.

Now, look at the learning that has happened in the last five years. Have you learned that same upward curve? if not! why not?

Make the changes today to make your life better

Not only better for you but for better for everybody around you. Small steps across the pond in order to achieve the legacy that you desire. let that be your focus.


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