How to get organized in life: Best experimented ways

Some argue “What is the point of being organized? Nothing changes! Your life is as the way it was!” NO. There is a huge difference between the lives of an organized person and a disorganized person. Getting organized increases your efficiency and productivity; it reduces stress level and makes you focused on your work! The punctuality, neatness, efficiency, clear mindset, concentration and the benefits that eventually come along with getting organized is long. Getting organized is something many wishes for but fails miserably.

To get organized in life you need to organize certain aspects of your daily life.

1. Organize your bedroom

The place where we start and end our day – bedroom! Organize your bedroom into a neat and clean room with no clothes and papers flying around in air. Neatly fold all your clothes and arrange it in the closet. If you have a bookshelf in your room, chuck off all the books which you no longer read and create a bit of space in the tightly packed shelf. Make sure that your whole room is a bit spacious for you to move around. Decorate it accordingly.

2. Putting things back right at their place

Something that many sucks at! Don’t we all forget doing this? You take popcorn to watch movie. Hours have passed and the movie has ended. You may have gone to bed or doing something else but the empty bowl that had popcorn still rests before TV. And the examples go on.

To be organized in life, practise putting things right back their place. Once you take something, make sure you keep it back. Haven’t you seen chefs of cooking shows? They take salt and put a pinch of in the dish. After that they keep it back from where they took it. You will never seen them continuing their work without organizing the containers they took.

3. Organize your work desk

Be it your study desk, work desk, or just a table where you keep your laptop – make sure that it’s organized. No cables should be sprawled over the table. Get rid of papers you no longer need. Instead of pens and pencils thrown over a surface, have a pen stand and stack things there.

In short, your desk should look presentable and you should feel like sitting before it and working on it!

4. Marking important dates on calendar

Before going to marking things; ALWAYS HAVE A CALENDER in your room. And it should be somewhere where your eyes would reach! Using highlighters or markers mark important dates on it. Like the day you have to submit your assignment or the dates of your class tests – mark it on them. Whenever you look at it you would remember the upcoming tests and deadlines! This helps you stay focused on our work and complete things by deadline.

5. Plan your day

Some people suck at spending their day effectively because they do not have a slightest idea on what to do. It happens when you have heaps of work to be done. The first thing to do is

  • Write up your deadlines and works on a piece of paper.
  • Now plan your day and manage time accordingly.
  • Divide time for each work such that you would be able to complete it by the deadline.

6. Make a to do list

As said above, write down your works and tasks on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall. If you prefer your mobile or laptop, create a spreadsheet of to do list.

7. Make a bucket list

Just like you plan a day and write a to do list, make a bucket list for a month or for a week.

  • It should contain everything that you ought to complete within that week (or month, as you prefer)
  • Make sure that your daily plan and to do list matches with the bucket list. In fact they should be a mini version of bucket list.

8. Sticky notes, white boards, colourful markers

Three little things that brings a remarkable change in you! This stationery not only colours your wall but also your mind. It reminds you of the deadlines you have to follow. The sense of being organized comes into you.


You may think that it doesn’t change anything but it does. The benefits of being organized can never be explained in a single sentence! It’s easy to be organized. The only thing you need to do is organizing those little things in your daily life which you thing doesn’t matter but it does! Like putting away toothbrush and paste back into the place where you took instead of keeping it near the sink is not a sign of being organized. One thing everyone should do is organizing your room and desk. That’s the first step of getting organized. The rest of creating plan and sticking on to comes later. And finally, the process is completed when you follow up the deadlines marked on the calendar and the sticky notes on your wall!



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