Common mistakes in communication: Avoid them at any Cost

One of the many problems people face is communication trouble. Not many can talk freely with people around them. But one must understand that communication skills are something you ought to specialize, for one’s impression on another depends on that. People think that being carefree and having good language is the key point in having a good conversation. Completely wrong! With wrong ideas in mind, there are some general mistakes in communication that almost everyone makes.

1. Forgetting names of people; the most common mistakes in communication

Names are our identity. One of the most offending mistakes in communication one can make is forgetting the name of the person standing before them. Starting a conversation with the person’s name makes them feel happy and also the fact that you indeed remember them! This holds that the person is important to you and talking to him/her matters!

2. Reacting instead of responding

Emotions are spontaneous. Reacting to a statement emotionally is something everyone is capable of. Although it’s good to portray your emotions rather than holding them back, it doesn’t do good during a communication. When someone speaks to you, the best way to respond to that statement is never emotional approach but logical and reasoning one! Calm yourself and let the person’s statements sink into you. Respond with the facts, not with emotions and impulses.

3. Holding back your opinions

Your ideologies are meant to be said aloud. The fear of being judged by people around makes one hold their opinions back. Always remember that everyone around you is different in their perceptions. Having a complete different perspective about something is not wrong. Wrong is when you change your belief for the society to have a good impression on you. Wrong is when you accept to a completely different ideology that of yours for the people around you. Be confident in your own views.
Shouting out your opinions doesn’t mean that one should be apathetic. Keep in mind that your ideas are bound to hurt someone. So present it in such a gentle note that the person before you does not get hurt and also understand what you meant through your ideologies.

4. Not making eye contact

How would you feel when someone looks away while talking to you? Never lie! You would feel bad! Same applies to your case. If you would feel irritated when someone doesn’t make eye contact while talking to you, never do the same when you’re conversing with a person. Avoiding eye contact indicates that you’re nervous and also disinterested in speaking to that person. It comes as a sign of disrespect. It also takes away the respect you have earned in a period of time.

5. Body language

“Actions speaks louder than words” Your slouching and disinterested body language makes the person you’re talking to feel bad. The way you stand must hold that enthusiasm and interest you have in the person. It’s one way to make people feel that you’re indeed interested in their words. It also makes you look approachable and one would definitely stop by you to say Hi.

6. Mismatching tone

Your tone matters a lot. It comes right after your body language. Standing on a stage, addressing to a gathering (suppose you’re a leader) you can never have an edgy tone but instead a real confident voice is what you must present. But in front of a crying child you should never raise your tone, although your words are soothing. Have a soft voice that matches with your words! Tone should always match with what you’re saying.

7. Not being a good listener

One of the huge mistakes in communication. Don’t you feel bad when someone ignores you while you’re speaking? Only a good listener can be a good communicator. Speak less and listen more! This makes the other person feel good and also talk more!

8. Making inappropriate jokes

Injecting humor in the midst of conversation is great. This breaks the ice between two people, if they’re talking for the first time. But telling jokes at completely wrong time is not funny. Always look at the situation when you try your humor.

9. Being vague and unclear

One of the most common mistakes in communication is assuming that you’re being interpreted by people. It so happens in group conversations that some gets the idea while some don’t. Use correct words and correct pronunciation. Modify your speech such that everyone would know what you mean and would grasp the exact meaning you want to convey.

10. Interrupting someone

It’s a huge disrespect when you interrupt someone’s speech. It proves that you’re not listening or the person’s view is important to you. Always make sure to wait patiently for one to finish and then begin with a polite note. It’s also a trick to get people like you.
Making assumption before knowing the real story!
How would you feel when someone doesn’t allow you to complete and pass a judgment before that? The same applies here. Never make assumptions without listening to the entire message.

11. Being self absorbed

Don’t we all feel irritated when the person before you blabbers about his/her life without asking about yours? Never do that! Also, blabbering is a way of domination. Speak slowly and also ask questions about the person before you. It would make them into the conversation and feel engaged.

12. Being fake

First impression is the best impression. We all strive to make a best first appearance. In the process of being perfect we often create fake stories and facts to gain reputation. Never fake your identity because the best thing in the world is being who you are! Also people would find it easy if you lie about being humorous when you are not, or being health conscious when you’re a foodie!


It’s important for one to have good communications skills and eliminate the mistakes in communication for it decides what the future has in store! Being ignorant or emotionally impulsive doesn’t make a person good communicator. Instead one should learn to be a good listener; polite and stern at the same time; powerful and soft at the same tone and crystal clear in every sentence he/she utters. Always remember that a communication doesn’t work in one way. It’s a two process and get ready for questions and let others respond to your words.


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