How to Be loved And Make yourself Important

Every individual Wants that other people should like Him, Because of their Emotional need.Even if you do not have any such need, still understanding this topic carefully is really important for you.

We, humans, are social creatures, who to move ahead in life or to become successful.Just to be happy in life needs to be connected with people or have to deal with people at some point in time.

Having Good social skill is very important Most of the people are successful not because they are talented or smart.

The most important reason for their success is their social skills and other people like them.

The Fact is most of the people in their relationship, friendship or business do not work properly. Instead, some don’t even like to see the face of the person whom they do not like at all.

Today I will share four such rules, after applying it in your life, people will start liking you and side by side even your social skill will improve.

How to make yourself important and lovable?

Way  for good conversation: Be an empathic listener

New York Telephone Company had once faced a very strict and a rude customer.

That person always used to call a company and use to say the bad thing to them, use to shout at them.

Never used to pay Bill properly, And also writes the letter to the newspaper company and says bad things about the telephone company.

At the end, he filed many cases against the telephone company. After Facing so much problem finally, a company asked their most experienced Troubleshooter Larry, to handle the situation.

After which what happens is, Larry went and met the customer and started listening to him carefully with full attention.

Listen to all his problems and agreed to him at every point, that customer talked to him anger almost 3 hours.

Still, Larry had not said a word in defence of the company and later they both went. Again Larry met him and took his another same interview thing happens this time as well.

Larry takes the interview this time as well Larry said nothing to that customer and agrees to him at every point and listen to him carefully.

As a result, Larry Had taken four interviews of that customer.

Before the end of that 4th interview, that customer makes Larry his chartered member of his special organisation Which He calls as Telephone subscriber Protective Association.

He was the life time member of that special organisation , in fact, he was the only member.

Larry had listened and understood the customer problem with sympathy without saying a word in between or without interrupting him.

Without doing any argument Because of which that customer anger melt down, and he became friend with Larry.

After which he not taken back all his complaints but also paid all his unpaid bills properly.

In this story, that customer was thinking himself as a defender, who was fighting on behalf of others. He just wanted a listener, who can listen to him and can understand his problems, which Larry had done properly.

Most of the time people think, that they need a doctor, but in reality, they just want a listener who can listen to them and can understand them.

Almost every person either An irritated customer or a dissatisfied employee or a hurt friend needs an Empathetic Listener,w ho can listen to them carefully and understands them.

In this Busy life people do not get this empathetic listener.

If you can become the empathic listener for someone and can understand them and can listen to them then this thing will make you more lovable, respectable and likable.

If you want opposite of it,means you want nobody should like you or people should say bad about you behind your back or laugh at you then do exact opposite of it.

Do not listen to people,argue with them say things in between, give your opinion at every point and always say wrong things.

Be a Good listener : Encourage other people to talk

If you want people to like you Than allow the other person to speak more and encourage them to say more about themselves.

Remember,no matter who you are talking to, the more you talk about that person, the more important that conversation will be for them.

His tooth pain is more important than the people who are dying in Africa due to hunger.

Always remember people’s names

Andrew Carnaige who was one of the richest man in his time, was knows as a king in the steel industry.

He was very knowledgeable regarding steels or he was very smart, talented or highly educated. In fact many people used to work under him who were more knowledgeable and educated than him.

Here author says, the important reason for Andrews success was his ability to handle and deal with other people. He was a good leader who knows how to handle and talk to people and his social skills were also good.

During His Childhood he had learned a very important and a simple thing, When he was ten years old he had bought a Mother Rabbit, and took her at home.

After sometimes mother rabbit gave birth to other small rabbits But Carnage had nothing to feed them, but he came up with an idea.

He gave offer to his neighbour’s kids, if you bring or found food for small rabbits, i will give them your name after listening to his offer children happily agreed,

At that small age, he understood how important a name is for a person.

Later in his life, many times he applied this rule in his business, which benefitted him

Example :

Once Carnage wanted to sell his rails which were made by steel to Pennsylvania Railroad.

He was not understanding how he can make this possible and can sell his steel.

He opened a steel factory at a Pittsburg placeand gave that factory a name called Edgar Thomson Steel Rails. why?

Edgar Thomson was the president of Pennsylvania railroad, So you guess after getting informed about this steel works from which company Edgar had bought the steel.

Yes. You are thinking right, Edgar Had Happily bought steel rails from the factory which was named by his name and the company was of carnaige.

Another matter of time, there was a serious competition going on between the carnaige and the Goerge Pullman.

They both wanted to get the deal from pacific railroad, and because of this both of them were reducing the prices because of which their profit magin was getting low.

When Carnaige met the pullman,he told pullman Don’t You think we both are making ourselves fool.

After listening to it Pullman asked Craniage What do you mean? Then Carnaige explained everything in detail to Pullman And suggested him instead of fighting we both should work together, and this will be profitable for both of us.

Pullman listen everything but still it was not satisfactory for him, After which he asked carnaige, All this is fine but What will be the name of the company?

Then Carnaige, said of course the name will be Pullman Palace car company.

After listening this Pullman smiled and asked him to come to his company so that they can have a detail discussion and that discussion had created an industrial history.

Earlier People used to pay to the authors, so that authors can write their name in the book.

Today as well people make things by their name, so that others can remember them life time and can remember them.

A person name is really very important to them , still we do not give more attention to it.

Many Times it happens, we meet someone and ask their name and we do not listen to their name carefully and forgets.

We do not put much efforts to remember their name Later, when we need that same person for something for some kind of work then again we ask their name.

This thing looks and sounds small, but subconsciously it gives bad impression to others. To any person their name is the sweetest sound in any language.

We must put some efforts in order to remember their names, This thing will not only make you likable but also helps you in your business and in order to deal with others.

Talk In terms Of other people interest

How to Interest people Edward Chalif was an active member of boy scout group. Those who doesn’t know what actual this Group is all about?

Boy scout is an organisation where training is provided to young boys in order to increase their skills Like survival skills, leadership skills etc.

These events are good,helps and teach many good things to boys, That’s why, Edward wanted at least a boy from the group should attend huge event of boy scout which will be happening in Europe.

There was Lack of money, Hence Edward thought to talk to a president of a corporation for trip funds.

Before the meeting Edward had done a research about president, From which he came to know ,once president had written a 1 million dollar cheque.

After the cheque got cancelled,he framed that cheque and put on the wall, Because it was a big deal at that time Edward Genuinely found this thing very interesting, He meet the president he requested President to show that cheque which he had framed.

After looking at the cheque Edward said I haven’t seen such a big cheque in my entire life and i don’t know whether someone had done something like this or not.

Then Edward asked president entire story,both of them talked a lot about the cheque topic However between all this conversation Edward had not said a single word about the boy scout.

After some time president by himself asked Edward ‘Sorry I forgot to ask you what was the reason you came to meet me’.

Edward Told him the reason and all the requirements. After listening to it President Not Only gave fund For 1 boy but he gave for five boys expenses.

Also gave money to Edward to go with them, President had given 1000 dollars credit to Edward and also asked him to stay 7 weeks in Europe.

He gave Edward his Branch President No. for any need he can contact him And President also met them personally in Europe After which he took Edward and all boys to Paris.

Edward said all these unbelievable things happened because he had not discussed the things which was important for him and not talked about the things which was beneficiary for him.

All these things Happened,Because he talked about the things which was important and interesting for the President.

Hence if you want people to like you, Try to understand what are the things, which are interesting and important for other person.

Then talk to them about their interest and about the things which they like, This will make you Gentlemen.

How to make people Like You

One day Dale Carnaige , while waiting in the line of Post office noticed, That a Clerk who works in the post office, always work in a low mood and have a fake smile on his face

He is not happy or satisfied with his job. Then Carnaige Decides that he will make him feel good and happy.

Carnaige knows that the simplest way to make someone feel good is to notice something about them and to compliment and appreciate them for that thing.

Hence Carnaige, think what is the thing,for which he can give him a genuine compliment.

Usually its difficult to do,when you Don’t know that person nicely, But in this situation Carnaige had noticed one thing immediately.

He reached closer to the counter to weight his letter’s, with all Enthusiasm Carnaige says to that clerk I wish my hair would be like yours.

After listening this Clerk waits and gives a huge smile by saying NO,its not that Great now,it was much better before, For which carnaige again reply,Yes Maybe,But still it is looking magnificent.

After which clerk feels very happy and looking clerk happy even carnaige feels good.

Carnaige talks little more to that clerk and later goes. After this Whenever author goes to the post office, Clerk always gives a genuine and a happy smile to author.

Through this the clerk mood becomes happy and cheerful. All this happens just because of a simple And a Genuine compliment.

Every Individual thinks they are better in one thing compare to others, and if you notice that one thing and gives a genuine compliment to them.

Then for sure that person will like you, Because this will make that person feel important and special. All the points which i have mentioned earlier somewhere it is connected to this point.

Make others feel Important

Like To remember name, listen to them properly attentively, allow other to speak more Talk to them about their interest,Remember birthdays, all these things make people feel important and special.

Billion of people are there in this world,but every individual wants that they should be little different from others or more special and important then others.

When you do all these things and make other person feel good important and special that person will for sure going to like you even if they do not want to.

Very few people in this busy life take the efforts to make someone else feel good and special.

If you want people to like you, so at first you genuinely start liking them and start making them feel important and special.

This is the most power technique,This will not only make the other person happy but also will make you feel good so never forget this rule.


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