How To Be Likable | Make More Friends.

Do want to be more likeable?? Of course we all want to liked by others.Now this is one of the most common questions that people ask.

Hey, how do I be more likable? Well, people think that very few people are lucky just because its more like a talent to be likeable.

That’s not true well there are different ways that you can practise in order to be liked by others.So which are these ways to be more likeable by others? Well, thats what we gonna look at.

Smile from within

smile from the heart once is more than thousand fake smile

Well, the first thing that you can do is smile when I say smile, I really mean that you need to smile from within. Yes, of course, one smile can do wonders. So it’s extremely important for us to smile so that people start liking us.

When you walk around these days , you end up seeing people are way too busy on their phones. Tapping on their phone screen and they just don’t want to look up. go to the airport; go to the coffee shop or probably you are just standing in the queue waiting for something. Uhh, people are so busy on their phone.

Come on people great communication starts with the great smile. So look up the smile and probably you can greet people as well. Now when you do this, you will see a difference.

These days’ people are so busy and if surprisingly someone just smiles back at you, wow ! you are going to love that , right? So the first thing you need to do is smile in order to be liked by others.

Don’t be judgemental

never judge anyone.

The next thing that you keep in mind is to stop judging. When you meet people for the first time and if you feel their behaviour or appearance does not fit to what you like, what do you do? Of course, you pass judgements, right? need to stop doing that. Judging is definitely not a great idea. You need to be open minded . Especially in today’s world where people belong to different walks of life.

Well, of course, there are going to be differences. The difference of opinions, the way they work, their style of working. It’s all different. It’s not always gonna match the way you work or the way like.

The world doesn’t revolve around you, sn’t it? So its time to stop judging people.

Stop commenting, stop making these weird assumptions about others. If you want to work on a great team its important for you to come on a common ground and work together.

Avoid being a attention seeker

always appreciate others and motivate them

So, whats the next thing? Well, are you an attention seeker?  If you are an attention seeker then you need to quit doing that. Many people I meet, they are all about themselves.

I love to do this, I really don’t care about this, dontI am into this don’t like this, I ,me, myself. Well stop it. Once again, the world does not revolve around you. Its time to work for others . Change that i, me, myself to we. Remember that when you are working in a team it’s all about to be in, together.

It’s important to listen to others. It’s important to understand others and appreciate others. Are you one of those people who jump into each and every conversation and have a point to everything? Well you need to stop doing that.

We all love attention but it doesn’t mean that we always have to be that person who seeks way too much attention by others . Because in that manner people are not going to like you . So its time for you to go ahead and make other people feel special and better in their lifes.

Be quick to apologise

never hesitate to say sorry.

The last thing that you need to practise in order to be more likeable by others is to be quick to apologise. When you belong to the business world there are going to be times when people are going to be super mad at you.

They are going to be really upset with you and probably you have no idea that this guy or this girl is so mad at you. So what do you do?

Well, it’s time to diffuse the tension and that’s how you are going to win people or probably influence others. Now when people are mad at you, don’t be the person who would hold grudge against that other person. You need to work on that problem. You need to solve them in a better manner and you need to apologise.

So be the bigger one, go ahead and just apologise. In that way, people are going to appreciate and start liking you. So do practise to apologise to others.

This end of this session. The things that you really need to practise in order to win people’s heart is to keep smiling, stop judging others, stop being these attention seekers, just stop being moody and apologise. If you practise all of these, definitely you are going to be liked by others.


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