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About Page

Lifehawn is blogging website where you can read valuable blogs related to Life and skills. Our Blogs have a simple agenda to develop your personality. We believe that Brain has a large contribution to succeeding in your life.

Lifehawn wants that your life should have hawn in your life, Which means to have a wonderful night. Be happy and learned our ways to develop confidence, communication, persuasion, your reactions, emotions etc. In general complete skills to win in every moment.

Apart from skills you will be motivated and inspired by Lifehawn.

Why Lifehawn?

We really want to solve our reader’s problem to have real and effective solutions for their problems. We believe in solving your problems. Our experts regularly update a¬†quality of content for you.

About me

Hi, I am Akshay Patni, founder of Lifehawn.com. There are lot of stuff which I want to share you about me. But it is really hard to express myself in few words. Well, it is an art.

I am a geek and a quick learner. I believe in education, which makes our society civilise. I don’t think traditional education¬†system have that power which we learn by ourself.

I am an engineer, Blogger and a Digital Marketer. Well I am not satisfied here. I want to learn more. My future target is become a serial entrepreneur. But before that I would like to learn a lot like AI, IOT, Network and Seucurity etc.