07 Ways to Treat Depression: Game your Brain

Treatment of depression works only when you plan to do it in real. It much depends on the way you are going to adopt and the plan. Some do it through nutrition while others prefer psychotherapy. For some, antidepressants work better. Many doctors recommend the use of therapies for brain stimulation such as transcranial magnetic, electroshock therapy and vagus nerve stimulation.

You feel helpless, if you are depressed. Nothing works but you want to stay alone and experience mood swings. To curb this issue, own therapy such as joining a group discussion or meeting family fellows really work. A doctor can help with this state but these do-it-yourself activities may improve your condition. Here, you will get to know some simple tips and plan how to treat depression while gaming with your brain.

How to treat depression

Some highlighted ways are here that can put you a relaxed state, once experience you can feel the difference

Exercise Daily

Mind in stress can be best diverted through exercise. It is useful relieving depression by affecting two main players of brain-norepinephrine and serotonin. Through workouts, these mood-regulating chemicals secrete, hence directing towards a better brain condition. To treat depression through exercise, 30-40 minutes’ walk is the must and advised a week thrice. Aerobic exercises have a lot to play their part, and the walking treadmill is also the best option.

Have Proper Nutrition Plan

Though, the diet is considered best to treat depression and practiced too, yet, it is essential to know what type of food is essential for the subject. Dietitian say, stay healthy to build your immunity power that can help you getting out any depressed state. Omega 3-fatty acids are crucial for people suffering from depression since those people experience lousy condition and mood swings who got treatment with this ingredient. It is clear from research studies that the areas where fish oil is a used-rich source of omega three fatty acids, low risks of depression is found. Saffron is an herbal ingredient, found from Middle Eastern medication. It raises the serotonin level, hence lowers the levels of depression. Healthy diet is crucial to combat poor physical conditions.

Light Therapy

This therapy is likely to reduce the winter type depression that is termed as seasonal affective disorder. In this, people need to sit near a light box, well lit and able to mimic outdoor light. Daily a session of 15 minutes that goes on increase up to two hours is proven useful; however, it depends on the severity of issue and light intensity. It does not cure depression completely but allows the reduction in symptoms.

Mood Diary

It is a development of positive approach. Positive thoughts always pave the way to brain relaxation and prevent it from any negativity. Development of ideas and narration onto a paper helps people with stress and anxiety. It is not recommended that you write daily but most often, usually after two to three days, convey your thoughts to dairy so that one stay aware of happening of life plus positive things. It is also a way to count God’s blessings that works perfectly to wipe off negative thoughts.

Antidepressants suggested by Doctor

They work well, often doctor prescribes according to symptoms. For instance, if you are suffering from bipolar depression, you will likely to have antipsychotic medicine or mood stabilizing drugs. Antidepressants, on the other hand, are vital chemicals that work for a brain, when brain chemicals alter. These are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. They allow the brain to work correctly.  They also improve mood, regulate activities and are brain circuits.

Yoga can help to relieve stress

Making a pose at the natural place that helps reducing symptoms of stress and depression is effective. Yoga helps to relieve anxiety, emotional distress, hostility, while improves the level of energy sleep quality and well being. It is a natural way to get back the lost power of brain and body, hence a more efficient and less risky tool for relieving depression. It boosts the healing power of mind and recommended by all psychiatrists worldwide.


It is to talk, talk with a doctor, social persons, or a trained professional. Its type may vary, depends on the mild depression to moderate one. Talking through lessens the emotional burden and relaxes mind and body, hence providing relief. Different kinds of psychotherapy exist, it can occur with friends, family in a group or on your own. The best type doctor can advise, looking on the severity of the issue.

These mentioned practices and tips are best to treat depression at home while understanding the condition of a patient. It is always rational to treat the disease with best knowledge and care. Treating depression is relieving mind and empowering brain. It is a way to classify the disorder while applying suitable ingredients. Some elements work perfect in treating a disease and in the particular case of the brain, medication proves right if aided with other natural remedies. Nature helps human beings in relieving from pain and reduction in depression.


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